Something I find Sexy – Lynda Carter’s Lovely Legs

Lynda Carter 01This is a beautiful picture of songstress, temptress, Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter and her lovely long legs. At five foot nine she is a statuesque beauty. She was the American representative for the Miss World pageant before becoming the iconic image of wonder woman. It seems everyone I know was amazed at her gorgeous breasts hiked up in that bustier, but I was always impressed by her long toned legs. Amazing legs. And those high heeled red boots set her calves off at the sexiest angle.


This picture of her lounging in a classic seventies red satin disco dress, s against those blue satin cushions, really nightlights those limbs. I think it’s one of my favorite images. The sultry look in her eyes, the wonderfully rounded breasts with a nice display of cleavage. Her chestnut hair feathered out. Then there’s those ‘oh so lovely ‘ long legs. Look at then there, soft, creamy, endless. Seriously, I could just burry myself there. It isn’t difficult for me at all to imagine her wearing nothing under that dress.


Running my firm hands up those legs. Watching her as my action cause a sly smile on her angelic face. I can see her raising an eyebrow as my hands reach the top of those thoughts. As my hands apply a gentle pressure to spread them, it’d more an opening to a negotiation. Will she acquiesce? Her lips my offer a token protest but her eyes are certainly in agreement with my plans.


As she decides to yield to my lance, it is the culmination of the journey of a thousand miles. The “journey of a thousand miles”, it is a symbol of a large goal. It’s a goal or a project, that a seems insurmountable at first glance, like landing on the moon. Some see the 1969 launch of Apollo eleven, and Neil Armstrong walking on the moon as one event. It wasn’t. It was the last leg, the last step at the end of a thousand mile journey that started decades earlier. That “one small step… ” may indeed have seemed like a small step but compared to the baby steps of rocketry in the 1930’s, launching an Apollo spacecraft was a great leap forward.


That “one small step”, reaching the moon, the last leg of the thousand mile journey is often a much greater stride that the first tentative steps we take initially. The culmination of the journey in 1969 began as baby-steps; a paper written by a high school mathematics teacher in 1903, (Konstantin Tsiolkovsky (1857–1935) published The Exploration of Cosmic Space by Means of Reaction Devices) a lecture on rocket theory and interplanetary travel by a French airplane designer, (Robert Esnault-Pelterie (1881-1957) then the early analysis of solid fuel rockets in 1912 by Robert Goddard. This analysis lead to his experimentation and publication of A Method of Reaching Extreme Altitudes in 1920. What we started with those baby steps, the halting, start-stop-fall, holding on to the familiar, ends with great strides.


We are transformed through the journey. The person we are when we set foot on the path is not the same person at the end of those thousand miles. The person we are setting that goal is not the same person completing it. The tools we have at our disposal at the outset are often updated, upgraded, on our journey. Hopefully we gain skill and achieve mastery while on this journey. We build upon our baby steps. We add muscle to those baby legs. We end like wonder woman with long, strong legs capable of great strides forward.


Lynda Carter 03ps. If you get the chance, go see this lovely songstress in person! I know she’ll be here in New York at the Apple Room (Jazz at Lincoln Center) April 17th and 18th. Or check her out at Lynda’s Website.

Something I Find Sexy – Emma Watson in a Hat

Emma Watson - Something I Find Sexy

Emma Watson – Something I Find Sexy

Miss Emma Watson. She played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movie. This is one of a series in a photo-shoot the young actress did for her 20th birthday. Andrea Carter-Bowman took these shots. I find most of the pictures in the series very fetching, but there is something I find very sexy in this particular picture. It’s a sultry look in the eye from someone too young to really know what sultry is. Its flirty in a way that young girls flirt. And she is young. I’m old enough to be her father… ‘s older friend… Yeah, her father’s older friend.


The light gray terry top displays as casualness to the encounter. As if you’ve just come across her while she was out doing something else entirely without the intention of meet you, though she was completely intent on meeting you. Wearing it off the shoulder emphasizes the softness of her curve. Her smooth, supple limbs would feel nice against my neck as she looks up deeply into my eyes. Her smooth clear skin with the light reflecting off of it has a radiant glow synonymous with youthful vigor.


I like the soft auburn hair, slightly longer than shoulder length, the way its pulled away from the face. It frames her face without obscuring it. The hat makes a nice accent as if she could use it to hide should she choose.



The tilt of her head, pulling her chin into her, is a sexy pose. Body language people would say its a display of shyness but this pose with her eyes looking at me from the top, near her eyebrow, is sexy as hell. It’s the same way with a woman catching your eye over the top of her glasses.. Her eyes are warm and bright with a twinkle in them. They seem like happy eyes. Large eyes, taking me in, drawing me in with an inviting look to them. They make a lovely pair.


It’s a coyishness with which her hand hides her smile. That smile discloses a hint at mischief in the partially exposed lip. I cannot see her lips themselves and yet I cannot stop wondering what they may taste like. She hides it as she would hide an invitation to an indiscretion.



Also, at the composition level of the photo, the clear definition better Emma and the background is a bonus for us Photoshop users. We can easily remove her from the neutral tone background and replace it with something more to our liking. In one photo manipulation I’ve made, this backdrop has been replace with a background of the city of Paris at night. A few light source touches and it appears she’s on a balcony overlooking the city of lights. Its all a question of having the right components at hand.


There is so much written in praise of youth and virtue. Perhaps because both are valued by the older people doing the writing. What if youth were to write the great tomes of the classic cannon? What would they value?


Many people say that we have a youth based culture. That we middle age and older people are more focused on young people and what they are doing… Those ‘damn kids’ that we bemoan. But hasn’t it always been so? I remember they used to say that about ‘kids’ my age in the eighties. And I know they were confounded by the young people in the sixties. They were decrying the fate of f Scott Fitzgerald wrote about them in the twenties, Hemingway wrote. About young men during the fifties even if it was somewhat autobiographical.


And so, she is young and alluring, singing a youthful siren song of carefree times long ago. We probably know someone just like her back then. We may have even been with someone just like her way back then. Perhaps this photo is as such a time machine, a window open to a recollection lurking just be

O the surface. Perhaps it’s that, which makes this image so erotic, I’ve been there… Right there… Years ago.


There is something enticing about youth itself. Not in the obsessive ‘Lolita’ way, but in a healthy, radiant, vibrant, inquisitive way. Youth is an aggregate of attributes that sings of fertility. I suppose, at that level my reaction to her, my attraction to her, may be evolutionary and elementary my dear Watson.

Something I Find Sexy – Katy Perry in Black Lingerie

Katy Perry in Black Lingerie

Katy Perry in Black Lingerie

Another image from the “Something I Find Sexy’ file. This black and white of Katy Perry in lingerie has very erotic qualities. Her ‘distant gaze’ is also very striking.

I love the way the black camisole hangs loosely from her breasts. The two straps holding it up at her shoulders can be easily swept aside. Revealing those breasts. Seeing them sway like the pocket watch of a hypnotist. All of my attention focused on them. Reaching out to feel their warmth. Feeling her nipples harden as my finger gentle roll around them. I listen to her deepening breath s she runs her finger through my hair. I can feel her hand behind my head guiding my lips to her taut nipples.


I twirl my tongue around them teasing. Taking my time with such a tasty treat. I feel her hot breath on my throat as she leaves a trail of kisses down my neck. She rolls me over and I let’s her pin my shoulders down as she probes my mouth with her tongue. I feel her breasts warm again my bare chest. Her wet pussy momentarily protects behind those black silk panties rubs firmly against my cock. I feel my excitement swelling it as she grinds her hips against my.


Enveloping her in my arms I roll her down on her back. She gasps in surprise of my hand as it swiftly removes the thin silken garment separating our union. She excludes another gasp as I enter her. The pleasure of my forceful engagement takes a moment for her to express with her moaning into my ear.

Morena Baccarin

From the ‘Things I find sexy files’ – Morena Baccarin

Morena Baccarin

A sensuous look at Morena Baccarin

Morena Baccarin


She is now staring in the ShowTime series Homeland, but I remember her fondly as Anna the alien queen from the wonderful ABC series ‘V’. On that show she has short hair, smoldering eyes, and a slightly smug / menacing expression throughout.  As Nurse Jessica Kivala from the tv show Heartland, her hair was longer and wavier. Even in one of her early roles as Inara Serra in Firefly, her expressive eyes were simply captivating. I find her eyes to be one of her strongest features. I can loose myself in them.


I love this head-shot of her. She looks fantastic with short hair, it accents the smooth line of her neck and shoulders. The come-hither look over her soft shoulders welcoming me. Those warm smoky eyes seeing if I I’ll follow where she leads. Her short hair reveals a sensuously slender neck. I can see myself walking up behind her, planting a line of warm kisses down the side of her neck. My bare chest warming the soft skin of her back. My hands snaking their way down her taught abs pulling her gently towards me, closing the gap between us, increasing our intimacy.


Pressing her close against me she can feel my interest growing. As she murmurs her agreement, I slowly unzip the back of her dress. The soft, blue silk falls easily from her rising chest. I hear her breath quickening as I whisper in her ear.


“You have quite the effect on me my queen”.


Essay – on Expertise (10,000 hours and Malcolm Gladwell Outliers)

Expertise Essay

Malcolm Gladwell Outliers, Expertise and 10,000 hours

I’ve read Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers, and it makes a point which I believe that I’ve heard elsewhere. There is a theory, that it takes an estimated ten thousand hours of input to become an expert at anything. Ten thousand hours of progress in learning, practice, crafting, immersing yourself in an endeavor to gain mastery. Working at something for about eight hours a day, five days a week, you will become an expert in about ten years, as you progress through increasingly difficult lessons. That cornerstone is the foundation upon which Outliers is built.


The case as he lays it out, and the examples which he uses; the Beatles, Bill Gates, and others, leads me to contemplate how it is that I use, or rather melancholically, waste, my time. I sit and think about an online game in which I was heavily involved, Dark Age of Camelot. I committed a sizeable amount of time over several years and I would venture to say that I am quite capable of playing at a fairly high level. My modesty holds me back from claiming that I am an ‘expert’ at this game, but there is no doubt, from the levels that I have obtained, that I am a ‘better than average’ player with a very good skill set. I am ‘Uber’ as far as the game goes. Now, don’t get me wrong, there is a certain amount of pride in my accomplishments, but I notice my old guitar sitting in its case in the closet. And I think to myself that had I invested that time, and it is a question of time’s investment, in gaining the same level of expertise with the instrument. That at the end if the time period, I would have a ‘real’ or ‘tangible’ skill.


I compare to skill set for a computer game to the skill set of the guitar. I now think of the game as a waste of time, although there are some benefits from it in a macro sense. I learned a good deal of problem solving skills, but for the most part I still see it as a waste. I’m thinking about how that game, or in a larger view, video games as a whole, reward the player. The initial tasks are simple and relatively quick to accomplish, with a steady stream of quick rewards and measurable progress the user/player can see. The feedback is often visual and more important in the initial stages, immediate. The hook that draws you in. I’m wondering where the guitar’s hook would be. I recall that in learning to play, even at a basic level there was more failure that success at the early stages. That is was only after enduring the failures that success would come.  I think that I remember something about our minds being risk or pain adverse. By using a quick success/reward model, are video games taking advantage of our basic psychology to sidetrack our minds, and have ius invest our more precious asset, our time, in unhealthy ways. Much like the fast food industry has hijacked the salt/sugar/fat psychology in out minds to have us invest our diets in unhealthy ways. But that’s a rant for another day.


We, as captains of our own fates, need to be ever vigilante to these engineered diversions. I look now, not at the past, but towards the future. I can not relive the past, only replay it. I look at the various endeavors to which I have applied myself. One thing that has been fairly consistent over the years has been my journaling. In have written on and off for quite a few years. I credit it that and my recently rediscover love of reading, for maintaining a good level of vocabulary. And lately I’ve been employing that vocabulary to support my new endeavor of writing. But I’m using that word ‘endeavor’ just a bit too often in this brief piece.

Something If Find Sexy – Maleficent

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I’ve always been attracted to that whole ‘wicked witch / wicked queen’ character. Sure there are those guys who go for the Sleeping Beauties, or Snow Whites, but I’ve just been drawn a little differently. Perhaps I’m attracted to the thrill, the danger, the power… or perhaps I just prefer women with black hair!

Writers Writing

We as writers, share experiences with our readers. Things happen to me. Things happen to us all. What does it take, to make the things that happen to me recognizable to, and reflective of, the things that happen to others? That is what makes the generalization of the personal impactful on a wider audience.

We all eat. I ate a lemon yesterday. Just reading that is enough to pucker the lips of a few people. Now, picture a nice ripe, bright yellow, lemon. Grab an imaginary knife and see yourself slowly slicing that bright yellow lemon lengthwise in half. Then again, quartering the lemon into wedges wet with juice. Picture yourself biting into one of those wedges and taste the tartness of the citrus filling your mouth. I’ll bet a lot more mouths are puckering now. That’s generalizing the personal.

Bringing others to the point where they are experiencing your experience, broadens the experience now shared. As writers we broaden the experience. We bring others into the tales we weave. Whether it’s the world of Montagues and Capulets, or wizards and muggles, we are sharing our experiences with our readers.