Poem – Amanda Series – 02

The Amanda Series poems are written in iambic tetrameter similar to “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost. Each verse (save the last) follows an a-a-b-a rhyming scheme, with the following verse’s a’s rhyming with that verse’s b, which is a chain rhyme. Overall, the rhyme scheme is AABA-BBCB-CCDC-DDDD.

Amanda Series 02

She wears her clothes in a revealing style
Her tiger print bra elicited a smile
With a pendant that nests in her cleavage
It holds my gaze for an unhealthy while


See entices me back to her cage
Shedding layers she sets the stage
Once the hunter now I’m the quarry
And my interest is easy to gauge


She thrusts herself down upon me
Her passion flows through her freely
I consume her there her slim legs spread
Her climax sweeps her completely


Together we lay here in bed
Our public selves last night we shed
Not selves now, a union instead
As we rise to the new day ahead

Monday Status Update – Week 35

Boudior 01Awakening as from a long slumber…

Its been quite a while since I’ve posted anything new. I suppose I’ve been on hiatus all summer. Nothing really has happened since last Saint Patrick’s Day. Ah, the limericks… I recall them fondly. You know, its only two hundred and five days until the next Saint Patrick’s Day. Perhaps I’ll pen a limerick or two…

There are a pile of half finished projects floating around my desk and still more ideas gathering dust in my head. But now, as I sip a nice hot cup of fresh-brewed inspiration I’m looking forward to completing a project or two.

I need to rebuild the poetry pages here on this blog. I have created a couple additions to the Julia, Amanda and Diana series. I just haven’t gotten around to actually posting them here. I will drive traffic back by first crafting the content, then promoting that content. There is no sense in driving traffic to a stale sight!

So, what do I seek to accomplish this week?

Well, I want to get back in the habit of writing. I haven’t really stopped the practice. Its just change over the summer. I’ve been focusing much more of my time into journaling, and working on creative narration. I need to get back into the structure that blogging provides. Commitments to publishing. That is my focus for now.