Morena Baccarin

From the ‘Things I find sexy files’ – Morena Baccarin

Morena Baccarin

A sensuous look at Morena Baccarin

Morena Baccarin


She is now staring in the ShowTime series Homeland, but I remember her fondly as Anna the alien queen from the wonderful ABC series ‘V’. On that show she has short hair, smoldering eyes, and a slightly smug / menacing expression throughout.  As Nurse Jessica Kivala from the tv show Heartland, her hair was longer and wavier. Even in one of her early roles as Inara Serra in Firefly, her expressive eyes were simply captivating. I find her eyes to be one of her strongest features. I can loose myself in them.


I love this head-shot of her. She looks fantastic with short hair, it accents the smooth line of her neck and shoulders. The come-hither look over her soft shoulders welcoming me. Those warm smoky eyes seeing if I I’ll follow where she leads. Her short hair reveals a sensuously slender neck. I can see myself walking up behind her, planting a line of warm kisses down the side of her neck. My bare chest warming the soft skin of her back. My hands snaking their way down her taught abs pulling her gently towards me, closing the gap between us, increasing our intimacy.


Pressing her close against me she can feel my interest growing. As she murmurs her agreement, I slowly unzip the back of her dress. The soft, blue silk falls easily from her rising chest. I hear her breath quickening as I whisper in her ear.


“You have quite the effect on me my queen”.


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