#MondayMotivation Status Update – Week 18

What can I say, April can be a tough month for my production. So much is going on at the store AND I am busy preparing taxes for paying clients. So I am often running out of time. This is evident in the monthly stats. Facebook followers are up only 1%; Twitter followers are down 2%; and I’ve actually lost one WordPress follower. WordPress views for April are down 44% from March, though March was up 852% over February. Posting Limericks to Facebook User Groups has been good for traffic, especially in March.

And that’s where I’ve been focusing what little attention I had in April. I’ve been running two different daily limericks in most cases; a ‘PG’ rated version for distribution on the general Facebook wall, and an ‘R’ rated version for distribution in the Facebook Adult Humor groups. But this has not had any significant impact on driving traffic to the Smashwords site were the limerick books are posted.