Something I find Sexy – Claudia Schiffer smoking a Cohiba


Her eyes are as smoldering as the embers in the stoggie she seductively sucks on. Those soft lips of hers gently wrap themselves around the firm shaft. Those long lashed eyes of hers close as she slowly inhales in that controlled fashion of hers. Those large doe eyes open looking straight into mine. She is well aware of the affects her performance is having as she exhales her invitation. Her lips pursed in an ‘o’ shape that beckons mine to join them.


I spread my legs a little as I remain seated in a soft leather chair watching her. The smell of her Cuban cigar mixing with the leather makes me feel like I’ve been transported into a noir film. I sip a deep amber scotch and nod towards her, approving her approach.


She walks over in an exaggerated swaying motion drawing my attention to her sleek, black, silk dress hugging her curves. She moves in with the grace of a puma and all the intentions of a lioness. A smile spreading across her lips.


I Pat my lap and she sits, my hand wanders over the curve of her warm ass. As she leans in to kiss me I run my hand up her thigh feeling the top of her hose. My lips drink her in, she’s as smooth as the scotch and twice as warm. Our tongue entwine as her hair cascades around my head. I feel her melt against me.


She parts her legs a bit wider letting my hand explore further to the warm wet wisps of hair shielding her pussy. I listen to her breath heavy and rapid and she feels a fire welling up inside her. My lips trace their way down along her throat to her panting chest. My fingers circling her clit sending waves of stimulation through her.


She moans as she feels my fingers teasing her sex, pleasing her mind and satisfying her hunger.

Monday Status Update – Week 40

Autumn Status UpdateWeek 40 is here. That leaves twelve weeks left to get things done for this year. Where does the time go? Unfortunately… I keep a fairly good personal journal and it is a firm testimony to the wasted days, lost opportunities and little acts of procrastination that have made 2015 a year well below expectations.

Last week my goal was to compile a collection of one hundred limerick from the tweets I’ve posted. Getting the body of the work done went fairly quickly. But somewhere between the cover art, author’s bio and reading through the smashword guidelines the project has become mired in details and will probably be launched this week.

Once I can get that off the ground, I will move quickly to publish the backlog of poems that I have laying around. Then, then, yes I know, are the long suffering fiction pieces. I have several pieces in various stages of completeness drifting out at sea. These ships need to reach port.

Am I dealing with writer’s block? I don’t think so. Ideas are flowing a bit too freely at times. Its more a question of quality control. I’m have the outline, the story, the synopsis of what I want to write. But I need to expand it… to tell a good story instead of narrating a good pitch.

So lets discuss another change. I’ve retired the Tuesday Topless Tanka series. This is being replace with the return of the daily limerick on my twitter feed: . The limericks will be compiled and posted here on Fridays. And I really need to bring back the weekly poem. I don’t know about the rest of the planet, but I’m missing that creative outlet.

So, as fall sets in here in the northeast, its time to get back to work. The laziness of summer needs to be put into its storage bag and this writer’s nose needs to be put back on the grindstone.

Monday Status Update – Week 39

Autumn Status UpdateThis past week saw another Amanda poem posted, Amanda #4. I’m thinking of dropping the tanka poems in favor of restarting the daily limerick. I’m going to cull the limericks that I’ve created last year. I’ll be collecting them together and publishing them to smashwords. This should prove to be quite a novel experience.

Poem – Amanda Series #4

The Amanda Series poems are written in iambic tetrameter similar to “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost. Each verse (save the last) follows an a-a-b-a rhyming scheme, with the following verse’s a’s rhyming with that verse’s b, which is a chain rhyme. Overall, the rhyme scheme is AABA-BBCB-CCDC-DDDD.

amanda poem 04

Her youthful supple flesh is a delight
Amanda dances on the beach at night
My eyes are fixated on her body
And my erection grows with the sight


She strips off her top to impress me
Her bouncing breasts set wonderfully free
With doe eyes seeking my approval
She strokes my cock delightfully


As I recline she has my submittal
She strokes my cock till its throbbing full
Her hand keeps pumping as my climax nears
Amanda’s skill as this is delightful


She looks down toward my cock and peers
Then through her lips it disappears
Her sweet tongue brings me to tears
It’s the most powerful climax in years

Monday Status Update – Week 38

Autumn Status Update

This past week saw another Amanda poem posted, Amanda #3, and another of the Tuesday Tanka series posted. This week should see another Amanda and Tuesday Tanka posted. I should also have a rough draft of a longer prose piece posted this Wednesday.

Slowly turning the corner to getting into the regular swing of things. I’ve been looking into POV and working on a piece that has a ‘noir’ feeling about it. I’ve been reading some of the detective pulp fiction lately. I think that adding a good deal of erotica around this genre may be interesting.

Now let’s see how long it takes to get that done! Motivation is the work for this week.

Poem – Amanda Series – 03

The Amanda Series poems are written in iambic tetrameter similar to “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost. Each verse (save the last) follows an a-a-b-a rhyming scheme, with the following verse’s a’s rhyming with that verse’s b, which is a chain rhyme. Overall, the rhyme scheme is AABA-BBCB-CCDC-DDDD.

amanda poem 03

This lightly bronzed blonde with a sway in her hips
Approaches slowly a smile on her lips
As I lay here under the summer’s sun
I reflect how much I enjoy her beach trips


Her high energy lends itself to spark fun
My nimble fingers soon have her top undone
My lips explore her and she starts to heat
My kisses travel up till our lips become one


My tongue probes her mouth so warm and so sweet
My lips travel down to her mound and repeat
She writhes with pleasure as I spread her lips wide
Then I draw her up she’ll use my face as her seat


She arches back with my tongue deep inside
As the waves of pleasure refuse to subside
She pulses and grinds and enjoys the ride
Her climax explodes it has no room to hide

Monday Status Update – Week 37

So, as I pull myself out of the summer ‘do nothing’ mood, I’m beginning to get back on the writing wagon again. I’ve downloaded some erotic novels to read, and I’ve been working on the Amanda series poems. I’ve also started posting the ‘Topless Tuesday’ tanka poem series. I need to keep dipping my pen in the inkwell to keep it fresh.

In the spirit of closing open loops, I’m putting together some graphic media to accompany the Diana series. I want to get a twelve peom collection published at Smashwords. Lets see if I can’t make that happen this week.