Something I find Sexy – Lynda Carter’s Lovely Legs

Lynda Carter 01This is a beautiful picture of songstress, temptress, Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter and her lovely long legs. At five foot nine she is a statuesque beauty. She was the American representative for the Miss World pageant before becoming the iconic image of wonder woman. It seems everyone I know was amazed at her gorgeous breasts hiked up in that bustier, but I was always impressed by her long toned legs. Amazing legs. And those high heeled red boots set her calves off at the sexiest angle.


This picture of her lounging in a classic seventies red satin disco dress, s against those blue satin cushions, really nightlights those limbs. I think it’s one of my favorite images. The sultry look in her eyes, the wonderfully rounded breasts with a nice display of cleavage. Her chestnut hair feathered out. Then there’s those ‘oh so lovely ‘ long legs. Look at then there, soft, creamy, endless. Seriously, I could just burry myself there. It isn’t difficult for me at all to imagine her wearing nothing under that dress.


Running my firm hands up those legs. Watching her as my action cause a sly smile on her angelic face. I can see her raising an eyebrow as my hands reach the top of those thoughts. As my hands apply a gentle pressure to spread them, it’d more an opening to a negotiation. Will she acquiesce? Her lips my offer a token protest but her eyes are certainly in agreement with my plans.


As she decides to yield to my lance, it is the culmination of the journey of a thousand miles. The “journey of a thousand miles”, it is a symbol of a large goal. It’s a goal or a project, that a seems insurmountable at first glance, like landing on the moon. Some see the 1969 launch of Apollo eleven, and Neil Armstrong walking on the moon as one event. It wasn’t. It was the last leg, the last step at the end of a thousand mile journey that started decades earlier. That “one small step… ” may indeed have seemed like a small step but compared to the baby steps of rocketry in the 1930’s, launching an Apollo spacecraft was a great leap forward.


That “one small step”, reaching the moon, the last leg of the thousand mile journey is often a much greater stride that the first tentative steps we take initially. The culmination of the journey in 1969 began as baby-steps; a paper written by a high school mathematics teacher in 1903, (Konstantin Tsiolkovsky (1857–1935) published The Exploration of Cosmic Space by Means of Reaction Devices) a lecture on rocket theory and interplanetary travel by a French airplane designer, (Robert Esnault-Pelterie (1881-1957) then the early analysis of solid fuel rockets in 1912 by Robert Goddard. This analysis lead to his experimentation and publication of A Method of Reaching Extreme Altitudes in 1920. What we started with those baby steps, the halting, start-stop-fall, holding on to the familiar, ends with great strides.


We are transformed through the journey. The person we are when we set foot on the path is not the same person at the end of those thousand miles. The person we are setting that goal is not the same person completing it. The tools we have at our disposal at the outset are often updated, upgraded, on our journey. Hopefully we gain skill and achieve mastery while on this journey. We build upon our baby steps. We add muscle to those baby legs. We end like wonder woman with long, strong legs capable of great strides forward.


Lynda Carter 03ps. If you get the chance, go see this lovely songstress in person! I know she’ll be here in New York at the Apple Room (Jazz at Lincoln Center) April 17th and 18th. Or check her out at Lynda’s Website.

Something I Find Sexy – Anne Hathaway in Skin Tight Spandex and Leather Boots

anne_hathaway_catwoman_tallThe Dark Knight Definitely Rises!

Anne Hathaway in a skin tight black spandex-leather outfit. And I mean Skin tight! The sight of her in this production still is drop dead gorgeous. Action figure! That best describes Anne as Catwoman. She is outfitted for action.

There’s a scene in the movie where she’s dancing with ‘Bruce Wayne’ and I can picture the scene in my mind and make edits to create my own director’s cut. The first edit is the costume change, getting Anne out of that dress and into this cat suit. Then, as I play the scene in my mind while we’re dancing I lead her away to a cozy little room. Closing the door, I feel her melting in my embrace as I reach down to firmly kiss those soft, red lips of hers and make known my less than honorable intentions. Yes, I intend to pleasure her to within an inch of her life mwahahaha.

Unzipping that outfit i can see her young, firm breasts springing out at me. They are eager for the attention of my lips as they are released from their confinement. Her smooth taught belly is warm against mine. I can feel her deft fingers making quick work unfastening my pants and releasing my growing erection. It pulses warm in her hand as her firm grasp excites me. My tongue wraps itself around hers.

As our tongues intertwine, I lay her down on the spacious bed adorned in white linens, where our limbs intertwine. I feel her long legs wonderfully wrap around me as my hands explore her nubile body. I run them along her, finding the spots she finds most sensitive. As my lips travel along her neck I feel her breath hot against my cheek.

I can hear her breathing becoming heavy as my lips and fingers continue their stimulation. Working her to a soft moaning I feel her hands reaching down and guiding my hard cock into her wet and waiting pussy. As I feel the claw if her nails on my back, I thrust my erection deep into her, impaling her with it. She lets a gasp escape those lush lips. Then I smile, listening to her moans as she starts to ride those early waves of pleasure flooding through her mind and loins.

She’s poised, ready for action. She knows what’s she’s doing and she’s ready to execute it. I need a bit of that. Too often I have an opportunity to write, where I get a break in the day, and with my trusty tablet at my side I could easily pick it up, turn it on and start working on a project. But often, I’m not prepared mentally to take advantage of those moments. I need to have a plan, a ‘go to’ plan where I’m ready to continue on my projects when the opportunity arises.

I’m thinking that by spending the time when I can’t write, focused on the stories that I’m working on, when I do get those writing times, I’ll be ready to go. I’ll be in the flow, fast not slow. I could be a real ‘action’ figure.

When I think about these productivity systems, like the seven habits, or the GTD (Getting Things Done) I am seduced. I start thinking about developing a habit for getting productive. It’s a sirens song of accomplishing the numerous little projects that I start. Perhaps if I didn’t start so many little projects in the first place. But aye, there’s the rub.

I lack action, but is it because I lack actionables? No! With my to do list ever growing there is no shortage of actionables.

But did I possess the motivation?

To get anything done, to accomplish any task you need three things… What, how and want. You need to know what to do. What is it that you actually need to do… Be specific.

Then you have to have the knowledge, the ‘how’ to do. If you do not have the knowledge to accomplish a task, then no matter how much you may want to do something, it isn’t getting done. Or at least not getting done correctly.

Then third, there is the ‘want’ to do… The will if you wish. It’s the motivation that actually gets you off the couch and swatting that damn fly buzzing around.

If you know what to do, and how to do, then do…

Have you noticed though that ‘why’ has not factored into this analysis? The reason for that is because in the realm of accomplishing tasks on the to do list ‘why’ is irrelevant. The fact that the task is on the list is its one reason.

Why is the question that gets a task on the list, and is a topic all its own. I’ll leave that for another day. See, another little project is born, just like that. But, at least THIS little essay is now ‘accomplished’. I have spoken my piece and I shall check it off my list of to-do’s and ‘sha-zam!’ a man of action is born. Now, where is that Catwoman…

Something I Find Sexy – Christina Hendricks with a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label

Christina Hendricks Black Label

Christina Hendricks Black Label

I love this picture. Quite simply Christina Hendricks has the curves of a goddess. These are not some dumb bunny bouncy curves, no sir! These are a woman’s curves of style, of substance, and of understated sophistication. No superficial smalltalk fluff here. This picture features her in a curve hugging black cocktail dress. The plunging neckline frames epic cleavage. You could probably here an echo in there! The black background is less than optimal to really appreciate the curvy hoops. Her hands on her hips are needed to highlight them.


But the poor lighting in this shot is an excellent opportunity to slowly follow the outline on that dress from the hem at her knee up, up, up, to the sloping hip. From that heavenly hip follow along upwards and inwards to her nicely proportioned waist. Hmmm, imagine wrapping your arms around that waist. Imagine a lover’s embrace evocative of Rubens and Flemish Baroque Paintings.


Let your hands wander up from her waist to cup her beauteous breasts. They weigh heavy in the hand a generous portion, a blessing of abundance. Soft pendulous orbs capped with sweet, erect nipples. They’re proportioned perfectly to her hips. There is no hint of augmentation. There are a tier of c list celeb-utants, top-heavy bouncy bimbets, whose silicon candy mountains are built with no sense of scale to the rest of the woman to whom they are attached. And they just look comical. The siren spheres of Ms. Hendricks fit her naturally.


But let’s not stop there, no! Continue from her soft shoulders up to her slender neck. I like a woman’s hair styled up to expose the neck. It is an oft overlooked erogenous zone. Placing a series of warm soft kisses along it can produce quiet a positive reaction. And it’s such a short journey from planting kisses on her neck to tasting the lusciousness of her lips. And I’m hoping they taste of scotch!


The composition of this photo, the stunning red head in the hugging black dress with a simple scotch on the rocks is class. We use that word a lot nowadays. But its real meaning changes from person to person. It’s a lot like pornography, I know it when I see it.


Scotch they say, is an acquired taste, and Johnnie Walker black label is a gift in good taste. As we are on the subject let me add from my own experience, aged blended scotch and red haired women both have great taste. But taste is one of those subjective things about which there is rarely any universal agreement.


Although I drink the red label scotch on the rocks, the black label I drink neat. Often i have it with a splash of water. I find the black label to be reflective. I can sit, pour a couple fingers, splash a little water over it and spend some quiet time with an old friend just enjoying their presence.


The Johnnie Walker black label is an blended scotch aged twelve years in oak barrels. In the universe of scotch, the there are five classifications:

  • Single Malt Scotch (distilled from water and malted barley at only one distillery)
  • Single Grain Scotch (distilled from water, malted barley, and an additional grain such as rye, added to the mix, at only one distillery.
  • Blended Malt Scotch (a blend of two or more single malt scotches from different distilleries)
  • Blended Grain Scotch (a blend of two or more single grain scotches from different distilleries)
  • Blended Scotch (a blend of at least one single malt and at least one single grain scotches)


The ‘single’ in the single malt and single grain is a focus on the one distillery. Where a scotch is distilled, in any of the five regions (Highlands, lowlands, Speyside, Islay, and Cambeltown) has an impact on the taste of the scotch. Usually because of the various qualities in local water sources. Blending scotches can be used to highlight or diminish regional variations in the whiskey.


You could product a blended scotch combining several highland distilleries into a single ‘highland’ blend (the northern highland scotches noted for their peat and spicy character, the southern highlands noted for their peat and fruity character)


In this universe of scotch, I would consider Ms. Hendricks to be a single malt from Speyside. The ‘single malt’ representing the non-augmentation of her beauty, and the ‘Speyside’, (along the river spey) a region known for its complex and aromatic scotch.



A good scotch, like a good woman should be appreciated for the experience. This golden liquid aught not be wasted doing shots, as if it were some tasteless vodka or pedestrian whiskey. Think of your lover’s lips, the way you linger over them with a kiss. Scotch is no quickie. Sure, there is a time and a place where a quickly is called for. That’s as place for some lesser libation. Scotch is more like the romantic weekend, something to be savored slowly. Its nuances should be fully explored, like the curves of a voluptuous redhead.

Something I Find Sexy – Emma Watson in a Hat

Emma Watson - Something I Find Sexy

Emma Watson – Something I Find Sexy

Miss Emma Watson. She played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movie. This is one of a series in a photo-shoot the young actress did for her 20th birthday. Andrea Carter-Bowman took these shots. I find most of the pictures in the series very fetching, but there is something I find very sexy in this particular picture. It’s a sultry look in the eye from someone too young to really know what sultry is. Its flirty in a way that young girls flirt. And she is young. I’m old enough to be her father… ‘s older friend… Yeah, her father’s older friend.


The light gray terry top displays as casualness to the encounter. As if you’ve just come across her while she was out doing something else entirely without the intention of meet you, though she was completely intent on meeting you. Wearing it off the shoulder emphasizes the softness of her curve. Her smooth, supple limbs would feel nice against my neck as she looks up deeply into my eyes. Her smooth clear skin with the light reflecting off of it has a radiant glow synonymous with youthful vigor.


I like the soft auburn hair, slightly longer than shoulder length, the way its pulled away from the face. It frames her face without obscuring it. The hat makes a nice accent as if she could use it to hide should she choose.



The tilt of her head, pulling her chin into her, is a sexy pose. Body language people would say its a display of shyness but this pose with her eyes looking at me from the top, near her eyebrow, is sexy as hell. It’s the same way with a woman catching your eye over the top of her glasses.. Her eyes are warm and bright with a twinkle in them. They seem like happy eyes. Large eyes, taking me in, drawing me in with an inviting look to them. They make a lovely pair.


It’s a coyishness with which her hand hides her smile. That smile discloses a hint at mischief in the partially exposed lip. I cannot see her lips themselves and yet I cannot stop wondering what they may taste like. She hides it as she would hide an invitation to an indiscretion.



Also, at the composition level of the photo, the clear definition better Emma and the background is a bonus for us Photoshop users. We can easily remove her from the neutral tone background and replace it with something more to our liking. In one photo manipulation I’ve made, this backdrop has been replace with a background of the city of Paris at night. A few light source touches and it appears she’s on a balcony overlooking the city of lights. Its all a question of having the right components at hand.


There is so much written in praise of youth and virtue. Perhaps because both are valued by the older people doing the writing. What if youth were to write the great tomes of the classic cannon? What would they value?


Many people say that we have a youth based culture. That we middle age and older people are more focused on young people and what they are doing… Those ‘damn kids’ that we bemoan. But hasn’t it always been so? I remember they used to say that about ‘kids’ my age in the eighties. And I know they were confounded by the young people in the sixties. They were decrying the fate of f Scott Fitzgerald wrote about them in the twenties, Hemingway wrote. About young men during the fifties even if it was somewhat autobiographical.


And so, she is young and alluring, singing a youthful siren song of carefree times long ago. We probably know someone just like her back then. We may have even been with someone just like her way back then. Perhaps this photo is as such a time machine, a window open to a recollection lurking just be

O the surface. Perhaps it’s that, which makes this image so erotic, I’ve been there… Right there… Years ago.


There is something enticing about youth itself. Not in the obsessive ‘Lolita’ way, but in a healthy, radiant, vibrant, inquisitive way. Youth is an aggregate of attributes that sings of fertility. I suppose, at that level my reaction to her, my attraction to her, may be evolutionary and elementary my dear Watson.

Top Ten – Sofia Vergara Dresses

It seems that a blog just isn’t complete without a posting of some silly list or other. This post combines the silliness of a top ten list, with a little something that i find sexy. Here are ten Sofia Vergara red carpet outfits… what an hourglass! ____________________________________________

Sofía Margarita Vergara Vergara is a Colombian actress, comedian, television hostess, and model. Vergara was widely known for co-hosting two television shows for Spanish-language television network Univisión in the late 1990s. Wikipedia



2014 Emmys


2014 Golden Globes


2012 Golden Globes

04_2013 golden globes

2013 Golden Globes


2011 Screen Actors Guild


2012 Screen Actors Guild


2012 Academy Awards


2011 Emmys

09_2013 emmys

2013 Emmys

10_2011 golden globes

2011 Golden Globes


Honorable Mention 2012 SAG awards


Honorable Mention 2014 White House Correspondence Dinner



Something I Find Sexy – Katy Perry in Black Lingerie

Katy Perry in Black Lingerie

Katy Perry in Black Lingerie

Another image from the “Something I Find Sexy’ file. This black and white of Katy Perry in lingerie has very erotic qualities. Her ‘distant gaze’ is also very striking.

I love the way the black camisole hangs loosely from her breasts. The two straps holding it up at her shoulders can be easily swept aside. Revealing those breasts. Seeing them sway like the pocket watch of a hypnotist. All of my attention focused on them. Reaching out to feel their warmth. Feeling her nipples harden as my finger gentle roll around them. I listen to her deepening breath s she runs her finger through my hair. I can feel her hand behind my head guiding my lips to her taut nipples.


I twirl my tongue around them teasing. Taking my time with such a tasty treat. I feel her hot breath on my throat as she leaves a trail of kisses down my neck. She rolls me over and I let’s her pin my shoulders down as she probes my mouth with her tongue. I feel her breasts warm again my bare chest. Her wet pussy momentarily protects behind those black silk panties rubs firmly against my cock. I feel my excitement swelling it as she grinds her hips against my.


Enveloping her in my arms I roll her down on her back. She gasps in surprise of my hand as it swiftly removes the thin silken garment separating our union. She excludes another gasp as I enter her. The pleasure of my forceful engagement takes a moment for her to express with her moaning into my ear.