Monday Status Update – Week 9

will_alan_site_10The limerick project is continuing with #bikini week. This week will focus on the wondrous sights of young ladies in bikinis because its so freaking cold outside. I’ll recap the Monday through Friday releases on this site weekly. As always you can keep up with the daily releases on my twitter feed:

Last week saw one new Julia Series poems, one essay, and one #toplessTuesday tanka graphic poem, a Friday limerick recap, and of course the Monday status update. This is the current content pattern; Monday Status Update, Topless Tuesday Tanka, Wednesday “Something I Find Sexy” essay, and at least one poem on Thursday.

As always, chime in with your comments and thank you for following along!

Limericks Week 4 – #Blondes

Its #blonde week! here on my limericks pinterest page.

I post these little gems on my twitter feed… its all pretty simple and it has been helping me get myself in a creative mood in the morning. It beats trolling Facebook news feeds which had been my ‘morning with coffee’ routine. These are the pics for 1/19 through 1/23 (Mon – Fri, the pics for Saturday and Sunday are pinterest only)

You can check out all of the limericks on my pinterest page –

limerick157 limerick158 limerick159 limerick160 limerick161