#MondayMotivation Status Update – Week 24

I’m reading Rex Stout’s Curtains For Three on the Kindle and I’m also reading Clive Cussler’s The Navigator, one of the NUMA adventures with Kurt Austin and Joa Zavala… I guess I could mention it. And I could also mention the timely arrival of Andy McDermott’s book The Cult of Osiris. I have been building quite the library from Amazon… The used hardcover books are a very good deal.

It might be that I haven’t really knuckled down with my writing lately because of the changing shifts I’ve been working here at the store, one day it’s an opening shift where all my spare time is at night, and I’m not utilizing that time well. Other days I’m working closing shifts were all my free time is in the mornings, and I’m so busy with my errands that I don’t get me butt in the chair to spill a little ink on the stories bubbling inside me… Then there ate the days were I’m working the mid shift, like eleven to seven or twelve to eight where there is a little time in the morning were I can get some work done which I waster by sleeping late, or time in the evening which I waste by eating… Perhaps if I just stopped wasting time I would get more done.

So here’s to trying to turn over a new leaf for the summer, and hopefully not a Poison Ivy one. I’ll try to waste less time and develop more literary output. However, I’ve seen these leaves before. I only hope they’re not here this fall.

#MondayMotivation Status Update – Week 23

Well, there hasn’t been an update in a while… and there hasn’t been much in the way of production in a while. I’ve been positively bristling with ideas, but the ideas have not really fleshed themselves out into actual stories. The seem to lack ‘handles’ as I have red Stephen King describe them in the introduction to one of his short stories in the anthology “Bazaar of Bad Dreams” which I’m reading on my kindle these days.

I’ve finished Andy McDermott’sThe Tomb of Hercules“. I had a good experience with that and “The Hunt for Atlantis“, so I’ve ordered his “The Secret of Excalibur“. In the meantime I’ll catch up on my Clive Cussler backlog, starting with “The Pharaoh’s Secret“.

And I’ve been catching up on some other reading… namely the Writer’s Digest magazine from March /April. There’s an article on writing better flash fiction, and that may be a good solution for some of these ideas that may not have a short story length plot, but still may be a good tale to tell and to read.

Ah, I’ll file that under #MakeItSo; lets see what comes of it this week!