Something I Find Sexy – Emma Watson in a Hat

Emma Watson - Something I Find Sexy

Emma Watson – Something I Find Sexy

Miss Emma Watson. She played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movie. This is one of a series in a photo-shoot the young actress did for her 20th birthday. Andrea Carter-Bowman took these shots. I find most of the pictures in the series very fetching, but there is something I find very sexy in this particular picture. It’s a sultry look in the eye from someone too young to really know what sultry is. Its flirty in a way that young girls flirt. And she is young. I’m old enough to be her father… ‘s older friend… Yeah, her father’s older friend.


The light gray terry top displays as casualness to the encounter. As if you’ve just come across her while she was out doing something else entirely without the intention of meet you, though she was completely intent on meeting you. Wearing it off the shoulder emphasizes the softness of her curve. Her smooth, supple limbs would feel nice against my neck as she looks up deeply into my eyes. Her smooth clear skin with the light reflecting off of it has a radiant glow synonymous with youthful vigor.


I like the soft auburn hair, slightly longer than shoulder length, the way its pulled away from the face. It frames her face without obscuring it. The hat makes a nice accent as if she could use it to hide should she choose.



The tilt of her head, pulling her chin into her, is a sexy pose. Body language people would say its a display of shyness but this pose with her eyes looking at me from the top, near her eyebrow, is sexy as hell. It’s the same way with a woman catching your eye over the top of her glasses.. Her eyes are warm and bright with a twinkle in them. They seem like happy eyes. Large eyes, taking me in, drawing me in with an inviting look to them. They make a lovely pair.


It’s a coyishness with which her hand hides her smile. That smile discloses a hint at mischief in the partially exposed lip. I cannot see her lips themselves and yet I cannot stop wondering what they may taste like. She hides it as she would hide an invitation to an indiscretion.



Also, at the composition level of the photo, the clear definition better Emma and the background is a bonus for us Photoshop users. We can easily remove her from the neutral tone background and replace it with something more to our liking. In one photo manipulation I’ve made, this backdrop has been replace with a background of the city of Paris at night. A few light source touches and it appears she’s on a balcony overlooking the city of lights. Its all a question of having the right components at hand.


There is so much written in praise of youth and virtue. Perhaps because both are valued by the older people doing the writing. What if youth were to write the great tomes of the classic cannon? What would they value?


Many people say that we have a youth based culture. That we middle age and older people are more focused on young people and what they are doing… Those ‘damn kids’ that we bemoan. But hasn’t it always been so? I remember they used to say that about ‘kids’ my age in the eighties. And I know they were confounded by the young people in the sixties. They were decrying the fate of f Scott Fitzgerald wrote about them in the twenties, Hemingway wrote. About young men during the fifties even if it was somewhat autobiographical.


And so, she is young and alluring, singing a youthful siren song of carefree times long ago. We probably know someone just like her back then. We may have even been with someone just like her way back then. Perhaps this photo is as such a time machine, a window open to a recollection lurking just be

O the surface. Perhaps it’s that, which makes this image so erotic, I’ve been there… Right there… Years ago.


There is something enticing about youth itself. Not in the obsessive ‘Lolita’ way, but in a healthy, radiant, vibrant, inquisitive way. Youth is an aggregate of attributes that sings of fertility. I suppose, at that level my reaction to her, my attraction to her, may be evolutionary and elementary my dear Watson.

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