Julia Series

Three Poems From the Julia Series


Her energetic youth engages something in me

She yearns to overwhelm me with her charms

As she devours my body with her lips I see

Our April / August romance could raise alarms


Her breasts so responsive to the touch

My years add assurance to the stimulation

Her fingers awaken my arousal too much

I draw her close to advance her education


This nubile pixie laying naked in my embrace

Rejuvenates me bringing strength to my bones

A self-satisfied contentment spreads across her face

As we exhaust ourselves in a chorus of moans


We enjoy these summer afternoons together

As April and August are known for good weather


She looks amazing in that skirt so tight

It’s stretched smooth against her firm rear

I look forward to her striping tonight

Holding her naked, close and dear


She’s got style she’s got fashion flair

She takes scotch neat as a nightcap

Did I mentioned her heart shaped derriere

I enjoy in when it’s dancing on my lap


I like the way she dressed well

When she’s naughty she’s really good

When she goes commando you can’t tell

I only know when I check under the hood


Yes of the young nymph I am smitten

Lust has not so much stung as it has bitten


Sunlight spills off her supple naked skin

The morning reveals her radiant afterglow

And I gaze down at the satisfied girl within

This lovely young lady who likes to put on a show



Those soft silk lips of hers as they engulf me

She takes her time to tease and taunt me harder

Her nimble fingers and tongue come to be

Working her youthful magic on my member



My firm hands gently spread her lithe legs apart

She feels my breath on her wet pink lips

I creates ripples of pleasure in her to dart

As she squirms and firmly raises her hips



Making love through the night into the morn

She settles into my arms, With love she’s adorn

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