Writers Writing

We as writers, share experiences with our readers. Things happen to me. Things happen to us all. What does it take, to make the things that happen to me recognizable to, and reflective of, the things that happen to others? That is what makes the generalization of the personal impactful on a wider audience.

We all eat. I ate a lemon yesterday. Just reading that is enough to pucker the lips of a few people. Now, picture a nice ripe, bright yellow, lemon. Grab an imaginary knife and see yourself slowly slicing that bright yellow lemon lengthwise in half. Then again, quartering the lemon into wedges wet with juice. Picture yourself biting into one of those wedges and taste the tartness of the citrus filling your mouth. I’ll bet a lot more mouths are puckering now. That’s generalizing the personal.

Bringing others to the point where they are experiencing your experience, broadens the experience now shared. As writers we broaden the experience. We bring others into the tales we weave. Whether it’s the world of Montagues and Capulets, or wizards and muggles, we are sharing our experiences with our readers.

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