Diana Series


Pleasure entraps her

Her blindfold heightens her sense

It captivates her

Determined to have its way

It compels her to partake


Pleasure enters her

A cascade of sensations

Sensuous tendrils

Snaking their way into her

Awakens dormant desire


Pleasure explores her

As she let’s go of herself

With her blindfold on

She can feel the sensations

Surging from deep within her


Pleasure enjoys her

Having its way inside her

Inviting her to play

It conspires with her flesh

Offering her inducements


Pleasure explodes her

As she reaches her release

Our bodies glisten

Basking in the summer’s heat

Entwined in each other’s arms




pearls 11

She enters slowly

Tentative she approaches

Impassive I watch

She tries her best to read me

Uncertainty clouds her mind


Will I accept her

Her thoughts a whirl of conflict

Will I reject her

She knows that this is my test

My approval is the prize


She studies my face

Watching my eyes intently

Windows to my lust

How shall she arouse me now

What performance to enact


Standing before me

Her eyes register resolve

Deftly undone buttons

Lead to garments on the floor

My eyes register consent


Naked before me

Striking a seductive pose

Wearing only pearls

Her tongue glides along her lips

A slow and practiced movement


She lowers herself

With a practiced graceful ease

To kneel before me

Pleasing me with her warm mouth

She seeks to pass this challenge


With skill she kisses

Then teases my growing shaft

Pausing for effect

She gages my reaction

To her pleasure lessons learned


My impassive mask

Yields to the growing pleasure

As my climax nears

She knows she has succeeded

And so she passes this test




Her soft black hairs shines

Luscious, full, and radiant

A sign of good health

I run my fingers through it

As it cascades down my cock


Her large black eyes shine

Moistened by her own desires

Window to her lust

They so seek my approval

As they look up from my cock



Her warm white skin shines

Alabaster smooth

Light dances off it

Warm and willing youthfulness

Kneeling in front of my cock



Her rich red lips shine

Whetted by her appetite

Slick with saliva

They wrap themselves around me

And they glide along my cock



Her rough pink tongue shines

Dancing round my head

Watered by her mouth

It teases my erection

As it pleasures my hard cock


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