Monday Morning – Status Update


With one holiday, and a writer somewhat ‘under the weather’, things are falling behind schedule. Lets take a look at what’s happening.

  • Two Fingers – approved and posted 12/22 read it here: quick fiction contest
  • Caitlin chapter one – approved read it here at
  • Caitlin chapter two – approved 12/30 read it here at
  • Caitlin chapter three – submitted to 12/30
  • Caitlin chapter four – one week behind schedule should go to the editor tomorrow 12/31
  • Candy chapter one – still at the editors
  • Candy chapter two and three – being worked on
  • Maids Tale – still in outline development
  • Miss McCaffrey – is being serialized on this blog, episode three is ready for posting on Wednesday 01/01

Erotic Proclivities 02

S615_CAMEL“Does this look alright for court?” She asked me. My mind was elsewhere I suppose. I had noticed her, I couldn’t help but notice this beauty approaching. But my mind had wandered somewhere and her query snapped me back to the here and now.

One of the reasons that makes autumn a wonderful season are women dressed like she was dressed. An outfit of semi-tight fit sweaters, and form fitted slacks, with fall blazers, I think of all the possibilities, things to do together. Attired perfectly for a stroll through the leaves, coffee at an outdoor café, a sensuous evening of love by the fire. Or, in the case of this lovely young woman, heading off to court.

“You look alright for anywhere,” I replied, hoping that I didn’t sound too awestruck.

I was standing at the bus stop on a late September morning waiting for the bus. She appeared out of nowhere. The attractive young lady was next to me when she posed her fashion question. I suppose that she saw me s as a good candidate to ask about the appropriateness of one’s attire. I worked in a men’s wear shop back then, and I was attired in my customary black sacks and shoes, with a pressed, white, cotton, French cuff dress shirt with gold scrimshaw cufflinks. With this I wore a red paisley bow tie and black waistcoat. I completed my outfit with a brown hound’s-tooth tweed jacket. As it happens she presumed that I was heading to the court as well since the bus we were waiting for did pass the court on its route. I was simply heading off to work at the shop, completely unrelated to the court.

But there she was looking at me with brown inquisitive eyes and a smile on her light red lips. She’s a lovey twenty something with a soft smooth face, framed by auburn locks. She was standing next to me, about five foot five, five foot seven in the heels she had on. I took an appreciative look at her and I was impressed at her understated beauty. I certainly thought her appropriate for court.

She wore medium grey wool slacks over her lovely long lean legs. They showed the curve of her beautifully. The molded perfectly to the upper curves of her bottom. The slacks cascaded down tapering as they went and accented the curve of the back of her thighs and calves before ending at her black pumps.

She also wore a powder blue sweater, soft and luxurious, with a cashmere feel.  The neck was low enough to hint at the cleavage further down, and high enough to be modest by most social standards. The soft material draped over her breasts only accented the firm roundness of her c cups. The bottom of her sweater was snug against her slim waist and hugged the slight curve of her hips. She certainly had an eye for picking an outfit that flattered her curves while maintaining the air of propriety.

Over her arm she held a light beige camel’s hair blazer. I told her to put it on. She moved with such smooth grace. She slipped it no, and ran her hands through her shoulder length hair. The blazer was tailored perfectly both framing her top, without losing the curve of her hips. The look was outstanding.

There is something about this look that she put together. It was a look that had me ascribing all manner of intelligent attributes to her. She’s funny she’s cleaver, she’s perceptive, she will be a great lover, mother, goddess. A perfect subtle seduction. She may have lucked into this sexy by stealth look. However, if she could do this by active agency then she is brilliant. So brilliant I would acquit her of murder even while she was slaying me.

Merry Christmas – Wednesday Serial pt 02


Miss McCaffrey – a short story about a boy and his after school lessons…c’mon we all know where THIS is going..


Miss McCaffrey lived just a couple of blocks down from my folks. My Mom had met her two years ago when she first moved in, as Mom was the realtor when Miss McCaffrey bought a house here.  I think that’s how I became pressed into service doing the fall leaves raking and gutter cleaning for the new teacher. It was during last December’s snow clearing that she offered to give me extra tutoring to improve my reading comprehension and writing skills.

She would assign me short stories, or sections of larger works and have me write my thoughts, feelings, interpretations. I really enjoyed the extra challenge, and someone caring about what I thought about anything.

She was wearing a light, cotton, dark blue, sundress with buttons running up the front. It was low cut because I could see the pendant that she always wore resting nicely in her pure white cleavage. I also found it curious that her breasts were moving a bit more freely than when we were in school.

“I’m thinking that ‘The Garden of Eden’ may be a bit advanced for you right now. Perhaps in a couple of weeks we’ll revisit it,” she said fetching a book off the top shelf of a bookcase. I thought it odd what she said as school was over in just two weeks. I watched her stretch and reach for the book.

“For now let’s try something a bit more contemporary,” she said turning around. I’m sure she caught me looking. She handed me a book with a bookmark in it and asked me to have a seat on the couch. She told me to

“Start reading the highlighted passage,” she instructed with a wry smile. “I’ll get us some iced tea.” I watched her lovely dress sway into the kitchen.

Poem Alert! – Erotic Haiku

article-2020579-0D3B009A00000578-97_634x849POEM ALERT!!!

Trying something new… Erotic Haiku!

17 syllables / 3 lines / 1 scene

So, Its something new to try

and probably quite easy if you

have a good vocabulary,

lets see what’s at the tip of your tongue in the comments section!


Lovely auburn hair

Between lovely pale white thighs

My wet tongue teases


she appears at night

into my warm bed repose

easing evening’s ache


a longing urge bursts

my seed waters her garden

in nine months surprise


Monday Morning – Status Update


December 23rd, Monday Morning Status

  • Two Fingers – re-worked and re-submitted to quick fiction contest (status – pending approval)
  • Caitlin chapter one – approved read it here at
  • Caitlin chapter two – awaiting approval at (submitted 12/19)
  • Caitlin chapter three – edited, awaiting submission to 12/26
  • Caitlin chapter four – in process scheduled to go to the editor tomorrow 12/24
  • Candy chapter one – finished the re-writes sent back to editor
  • Candy chapter two and three – being worked on
  • Maids Tale – still in outline development
  • Miss McCaffrey – is being serialized on this blog, episode two ready for posting on Wednesday 12/25 Merry Christmas!

Erotic Proclivites – Memoir

men-office-suitsI wonder where our erotic proclivities stem from. An interesting thought to explore … someday…

A few years ago while working in a men’s wear store, I had the opportunity to indulge in a bit of fun. A woman came into the shop, a very attractive mom. She was probably in her early forties and looking to get her fifteen year old son a blazer, or a jacket. Since this was during a weekday afternoon in the late autumn, the young lad in question was not in tow. So I naturally asked all the probative questions…height, weight, small, medium, large. When I inquired about his general size, she said “well he’s about my size.”

Taking a moment to enjoy this situation, I ran an appreciative eye over her. She was wearing tight faded jeans, Levis, with mid-calf brown leather boots. On top she had on a plain white t-shirt and a nylon, puffy, not-form-flattering, dark blue jacket. Her shoulder length blonde hair, clear blue eyes, and pale smile, could do with a little ‘dress-up’.

We seized the opportunity to use her as a stand in for her son. Having an experienced eye, as far a women’s figures go, I had her take off the jacket and turn slowly around. She did so. Taking her jacket off and laying it on a fixture, she slowly let my eyes take in her figure. Watching closely the nice curve of her breasts, I let my eyes wander down her cotton covered abs to where her shirt was tucked into her jeans. I had her turn around again while I uttered the usual ‘hmm’… and let a covetous eye roam her denimed cheeks. ‘Very nicely toned’ I noted to myself, but duty calls.

I took down a black, slim fit, jacket in a size 38 regular. I came up behind her and as she brought her arms behind her, and helped her on with this selection. Turning her around I buttoned the top button, not the other, and had her take a look in the three-way mirror. She had a bit of a smile, and she looked alright, but the jacket was too large, and, like her puffy jacket, it did nothing for her shape.

I then helped her on with the next selection, a size 36. It framed those breasts wonderfully, but it was a bit too long. Asking how tall her son was, she replied that he was her height. So, off came the 36 regular, and I returned with a 36 short, and assisted her with it. At this point I don’t think there was much hiding my enjoyment of the pleasure of her company. She flirted in a subtle way with a smile and the look in her eye.

Slipped a 36 short, slim fit, black jacket on her, I brought it up to her shoulders, letting my hands linger a moment. Buttoning the top button, turning her towards the mirror, the jacket fit perfectly. Her breasts caused a bulge in the lapels. I was unconcerned because “most 15 year old boys don’t have a lovely set of breasts.” I told her. That evoked another smile from her. I remarked that the jacket flattered her much more than I could, and that when her son grew out of it, she should take it for herself. Then, I leaned in suggesting to her that she should shop in the men’s wear more often.

She stood there. We both admired her in the mirror. The jacket, t-shirt, jeans, and boots, I told her she looked great, because she did. There’s something about THAT look. The man tailored jacket, usually with a man tailored buttoned shirt, but a t-shirt would do, the jeans, and the boots. There is something I find erotically charged in such costuming. It is definitely a proclivity of mine! Does anyone else remember the scene in 9 1/2 weeks were Kim Bassinger dresses up?

Caitlin – Status Update


Status Update!

The edited version of chapter one is available for reading! Happy Halloween Caitlin pt01

The edited chapter two has been submitted

chapter three has been returned from the editor and is scheduled for submission on 12/26

chapter four is in development an on target for going to the editor’s on 12/24

So, here is a sample from chapter two….


Caitlin awoke that morning, struggling to rise from her exertion of the night before. ‘It must have been one bad dream,’ she thought. But would a dream leave her bed a wreck, or her body a wreck for that matter? The warmth which penetrated her body just hours ago had been replaced with an achy feeling this morning. An aching for the heat to return and somehow… Finish the job? No, Caitlin was not going to consider that this morning. There was too much work to do, and so she pushed those thoughts down.


No sense dwelling on it now Caitlin thought as she got up to fetch her coffee downstairs, and then headed back up to get in the shower. She started the water, letting it run to heat the small master bath. She stripped off her sleep-shirt, damp with the evening excesses. She welcomed the stream of warm water raining down on her and her aches. Running her hands over her breasts she noticed a bit of tingling from last night still lingered. They seemed more sensitive and responsive to her touch.


Caitlin noticed their sensitivity again as she was dressing for work. She went through a couple of different bras before finding one that was more comfortable than the others. It was the white bombshell push-up she got last year when she thought she might be adding a few pounds. ‘It’s supposed to be too big,’ she thought, but being pressed for time, she decided not to finish up that thought too. Cait stuffed the thoughts down and finish dressing, choosing a white silk blouse, navy jacket, a matching pencil skirt, and black silk stockings.


She then had a thought and choose her black three inch stilettos, which she found complimented her stockings. She usually just wore pumps to work, or an inch or two of heel. These were social shoes, not business shoes, but she felt that a change would be nice. Then Cait had the thought that the shoes went well not only with the stockings, but with the non-business attire bra as well. She smiled with that thought.


Dressing, Caitlin noticed that the blouse felt a bit tighter. The silk of the blouse against her chest felt somehow ‘tingly’. The tight fit of the blouse distracted her from noticing that the usually loose skirt was now visibly complimenting a firmer, more shapely backside.

She was never one to dress in any revealing or provocative manner. The choice of shoes today was just a small step out of character, but not noticeably. As a mid-level corporate attorney in the contracts department of a New York law firm, Caitlin was known for her professional attire, professional demeanor, and professional accomplishments. Because of this she served as a mentor to several of the young female law students interning at the firm. Hearing the mantle clock chime, she headed out to get to the train for her daily commute.



Wednesday Serial – Miss McCaffrey – pt 01


Miss McCaffrey – a short story about a boy and his after school lessons…c’mon we all know where THIS is going..

This is still rough rough rough draft but i figured that I want to put something out on the blog… something to keep momentum going. Like a shark constantly swimming, I feel a need to keep producing output.

This ‘story’ is still coming together in my head. Its been in progress for a couple of weeks but I haven’t really gotten around to proofing it. So, I think that if I clean it up a bit, and proof as i go… I will serialize it and post a couple of chapters each Wednesday.  How does that sit with you blog readers? Ready for a weekly installment short story?


It was definitely a sense of mission that enveloped Miss McCaffrey that early day in June. It was as if she had finally resolved some conflict within her, and committed to some great undertaking. I look back to it now, now that I have the vocabulary of an educated person, the understanding of an adult, and the experience of being a ‘real’ man, the importance of the lesson my teacher was (committed) to instill within me. But then, what does a boy of seventeen know about commitment and resolve. At that time I just knew that I was asked to stay behind while the rest of the class was dismissed.

 “Jeremy, please stay. I’d like to have a word with you” Miss McCaffrey said as everyone was hustling out the door from their last class that Friday afternoon.

“Yes Miss McCaffrey” I replied as I straightened up the books on my desk and turned to see her.

 She sat at her desk. Her short black curly hair stood quite pronounced against her alabaster skin. I swear her skin must never have seen sunlight. The lightness of her skin only highlighted the red pouting lips and ice blue eyes behind the black reading glasses. I could feel the tightness in my pants as I grabbed a spiral notebook to hide it behind.

“I wanted to go over the Hemingway assignment with you.”

Since January she had been tutoring me with special assignments studying themes in American lit. She told me that she was impressed with my strong writing ability and wanted me to explore and write about some different passages and vignettes in  works. I had finished writing my thoughts on “the snows of Kilimanjaro” and the new book she gave me was much more challenging.

 “I’m having the same trouble with this one as I did with “Kilimanjaro” but even more so. They are both easy enough to read, but as I didn’t quite understand the subtext of “Kilimanjaro”, with “Eden” I am not quite sure I’m understand the text. I can read it, but I’m not sure I get it”

“The European locations and customs can be a bit challenging, that’s why I gave it to you. Why don’t you drop by my house tomorrow before noon and we’ll go over your progress” she offered.

 “Ok, I’ll be there” I said and made a dash for the bus.

Monday Morning – Status Update

Monday Morning and whats going on:

  • Two Fingers is submitted to quick fiction contest (status – pending approval)
  • Caitlin chapter one edited was submitted to (status – STILL pending approval)
  • Caitlin chapter two – returned from the editor (status – awaiting submission 12/19)
  • Caitlin chapter three – in progress (status – scheduled to go to editor 12/19)
  • Candy chapter one – waiting to submit (status – still at the editors)
  • Candy Chapter two and three being worked on
  • Maids Tale – still in outline development