Gadget Notes 02

handwriting01It’s been almost a year now that I’ve been using this mobile device for a good deal of my first draft writings. I’ve drafted essays, memoirs, short stories, articles and pieces of fluff. I had been very good about utilizing the kindle that I had bought myself a year before buying this devise. I had advanced with my kindle to the point where I thought it was time for another step forward. I had been using a purchased notepad application for the kindle too take care of scheduling and small notes. These were the majority of the tasks that I had been using my franklin covey day runner to perform. Since I was using my black and white kindle for more than just reading, I thought it was a good time to make the jump to the ‘next big thing’. For me, it meant a tablet.

Having been around computers for a couple of decades now, I had a good grasp of what my needs were when it came to assessing what capabilities I needed in a tablet. But being new to the whole mobile device subset of computing, there was a spectrum of things that I still need to be educated on, such as 3g/4g wireless infrastructure, Wi-Fi, and hotspots. There was also a whole new software side of things between iPads and androids and apps, another small universe of information to absorb. However, I still went out to take a look at this whole new frontier of devices.

The last time I regularly used an Apple devise, it was a Macintosh. Yes, THE Macintosh, which hit the stores right after the Lisa. It was the machine I used at school. But since those early days, I have since moved squarely into the Microsoft universe of operating systems. But now, I felt strong enough about my ability to learn new tricks, since I mastered my kindle so nimbly, that the prospect of learning a new operating system, such as android, was not that daunting. As I started looking at the new mobile devises I was able to focus on costs and benefits.

Being a naturally thrifty person I do not like to spend lots more money on incremental gains in either ram or ROM. I looked at a bunch of different devises, the Apple iPad, the Microsoft surface, the Samsung Galaxy, the Google tablet, as well as the kindle fire and the enhanced nook from Barnes and Noble. Eventually I worked my way down in price from the five hundred dollar devices, to the three hundred dollar devices, and I was now kicking the tires on devices under two hundred dollars and well within my budget. Which is the right price point for the items on my needs list. It needed to be portable and small. I would not want a device too much larger than the kindle I was accustomed to slipping into a jacket pocket. I need to be able to quickly get up and writing with it. I do not need the latest and greatest in video or game capabilities. But good audio is a priority for me.

So, the device that had the right specs for the right price was the HP slate android tablet with beats audio. Since it was a new entry into the tablet devices, the HP device was twenty dollars less than a comparative kindle fire and Samsung Galaxy. So, I’ve been using the HP Slate for about a year. And my writing has indeed advanced. I find myself reading more, and writing more. So, at least as far as this gadget goes, it has certainly been a benefit. I’ve been quite happy with it. Now, I’m hoping to do more with mobile blogging… gotta keep learning new tricks eh?

Erotic Proclivities 02

S615_CAMEL“Does this look alright for court?” She asked me. My mind was elsewhere I suppose. I had noticed her, I couldn’t help but notice this beauty approaching. But my mind had wandered somewhere and her query snapped me back to the here and now.

One of the reasons that makes autumn a wonderful season are women dressed like she was dressed. An outfit of semi-tight fit sweaters, and form fitted slacks, with fall blazers, I think of all the possibilities, things to do together. Attired perfectly for a stroll through the leaves, coffee at an outdoor café, a sensuous evening of love by the fire. Or, in the case of this lovely young woman, heading off to court.

“You look alright for anywhere,” I replied, hoping that I didn’t sound too awestruck.

I was standing at the bus stop on a late September morning waiting for the bus. She appeared out of nowhere. The attractive young lady was next to me when she posed her fashion question. I suppose that she saw me s as a good candidate to ask about the appropriateness of one’s attire. I worked in a men’s wear shop back then, and I was attired in my customary black sacks and shoes, with a pressed, white, cotton, French cuff dress shirt with gold scrimshaw cufflinks. With this I wore a red paisley bow tie and black waistcoat. I completed my outfit with a brown hound’s-tooth tweed jacket. As it happens she presumed that I was heading to the court as well since the bus we were waiting for did pass the court on its route. I was simply heading off to work at the shop, completely unrelated to the court.

But there she was looking at me with brown inquisitive eyes and a smile on her light red lips. She’s a lovey twenty something with a soft smooth face, framed by auburn locks. She was standing next to me, about five foot five, five foot seven in the heels she had on. I took an appreciative look at her and I was impressed at her understated beauty. I certainly thought her appropriate for court.

She wore medium grey wool slacks over her lovely long lean legs. They showed the curve of her beautifully. The molded perfectly to the upper curves of her bottom. The slacks cascaded down tapering as they went and accented the curve of the back of her thighs and calves before ending at her black pumps.

She also wore a powder blue sweater, soft and luxurious, with a cashmere feel.  The neck was low enough to hint at the cleavage further down, and high enough to be modest by most social standards. The soft material draped over her breasts only accented the firm roundness of her c cups. The bottom of her sweater was snug against her slim waist and hugged the slight curve of her hips. She certainly had an eye for picking an outfit that flattered her curves while maintaining the air of propriety.

Over her arm she held a light beige camel’s hair blazer. I told her to put it on. She moved with such smooth grace. She slipped it no, and ran her hands through her shoulder length hair. The blazer was tailored perfectly both framing her top, without losing the curve of her hips. The look was outstanding.

There is something about this look that she put together. It was a look that had me ascribing all manner of intelligent attributes to her. She’s funny she’s cleaver, she’s perceptive, she will be a great lover, mother, goddess. A perfect subtle seduction. She may have lucked into this sexy by stealth look. However, if she could do this by active agency then she is brilliant. So brilliant I would acquit her of murder even while she was slaying me.

Erotic Proclivites – Memoir

men-office-suitsI wonder where our erotic proclivities stem from. An interesting thought to explore … someday…

A few years ago while working in a men’s wear store, I had the opportunity to indulge in a bit of fun. A woman came into the shop, a very attractive mom. She was probably in her early forties and looking to get her fifteen year old son a blazer, or a jacket. Since this was during a weekday afternoon in the late autumn, the young lad in question was not in tow. So I naturally asked all the probative questions…height, weight, small, medium, large. When I inquired about his general size, she said “well he’s about my size.”

Taking a moment to enjoy this situation, I ran an appreciative eye over her. She was wearing tight faded jeans, Levis, with mid-calf brown leather boots. On top she had on a plain white t-shirt and a nylon, puffy, not-form-flattering, dark blue jacket. Her shoulder length blonde hair, clear blue eyes, and pale smile, could do with a little ‘dress-up’.

We seized the opportunity to use her as a stand in for her son. Having an experienced eye, as far a women’s figures go, I had her take off the jacket and turn slowly around. She did so. Taking her jacket off and laying it on a fixture, she slowly let my eyes take in her figure. Watching closely the nice curve of her breasts, I let my eyes wander down her cotton covered abs to where her shirt was tucked into her jeans. I had her turn around again while I uttered the usual ‘hmm’… and let a covetous eye roam her denimed cheeks. ‘Very nicely toned’ I noted to myself, but duty calls.

I took down a black, slim fit, jacket in a size 38 regular. I came up behind her and as she brought her arms behind her, and helped her on with this selection. Turning her around I buttoned the top button, not the other, and had her take a look in the three-way mirror. She had a bit of a smile, and she looked alright, but the jacket was too large, and, like her puffy jacket, it did nothing for her shape.

I then helped her on with the next selection, a size 36. It framed those breasts wonderfully, but it was a bit too long. Asking how tall her son was, she replied that he was her height. So, off came the 36 regular, and I returned with a 36 short, and assisted her with it. At this point I don’t think there was much hiding my enjoyment of the pleasure of her company. She flirted in a subtle way with a smile and the look in her eye.

Slipped a 36 short, slim fit, black jacket on her, I brought it up to her shoulders, letting my hands linger a moment. Buttoning the top button, turning her towards the mirror, the jacket fit perfectly. Her breasts caused a bulge in the lapels. I was unconcerned because “most 15 year old boys don’t have a lovely set of breasts.” I told her. That evoked another smile from her. I remarked that the jacket flattered her much more than I could, and that when her son grew out of it, she should take it for herself. Then, I leaned in suggesting to her that she should shop in the men’s wear more often.

She stood there. We both admired her in the mirror. The jacket, t-shirt, jeans, and boots, I told her she looked great, because she did. There’s something about THAT look. The man tailored jacket, usually with a man tailored buttoned shirt, but a t-shirt would do, the jeans, and the boots. There is something I find erotically charged in such costuming. It is definitely a proclivity of mine! Does anyone else remember the scene in 9 1/2 weeks were Kim Bassinger dresses up?