Something I Find Sexy – Scarlett Johansson’s Pouty Lips in the Spirit : Do It Everyday

Scarlett Johansson Pouty Lips the Spirit

Scarlett Johansson Pouty Lips the Spirit

Scarlett Johansson is certainly sexy. This image from the movie ‘The Spirit’ really highlights a couple of her assets. I like the ‘girlie’ blond curls, horn rimmed glasses, eminently kissable cleavage, but it’s those lips! Those plump, pouty, painted, penis-pleasers! I sit back and slowly let myself drift off in a ship of the imagination (borrowed from Carl Sagan).


I picture here slowly walking up to me while in seating in a large leather chair. She’s not so much walking as she is swaying. Swinging her hips in six inch stiletto heels one foot in front of the other. She’s working the floor and working me stiff, and she knows it. The tent forming in front of my blue silk robe betrays my cool, indifferent face as I take another sip of the scotch from the glass on the side table. Yes, she knows she’s got my interest. She bends over to kiss me with those soft silken floss lips. I let the kiss linger feeling her fingers at the belt of my robe. As she releases my growing erection she lowers herself to her knees with a practiced fluid motion.


She runs her hands up my thighs. Then her fingers wrap themselves around my stiff shaft. Her firm grip excites me. My cock pulses in her hand. Its ready and waiting for her. Then I feel her lips slowly taking in the head. Her tongue teasing around it wetting the tip. She’s taking her time and I’m in no rush. I enjoy another sip of scotch and settle in for the pleasure to come as I run my hand though her curly blonde hair.


After teasing the tip she takes the full length down in one sift action. Applying a little suction from that sweet mouth. I feel the ebb of pleasure starting to rise within me. She runs her tongue along my shaft before taking me down again. A low groan escapes from me as I feel my cock pulse inside her warm wet mouth. She bobs up and down taking me further and further to the brink of orgasm. Pleasure floods though me as I moan deeply, like a wounded animal. It only encourages her. She starts sucking stronger as I fight to hold back. She is building a bubble of bliss within me, and her mouth and tongue and teeth work to burst it.


I’m thrusting into that beautiful bottomless mouth. She takes my cock whole, like a demon. I’m driving further into her mouth with each penetrating thrust. I start openly fucking those hungry lips of hers. I go deeper and deeper as she drives me further and further. I can barely hold on as I hold her head with both hands thrusting …


It’s a ship of the imagination of course. Now, imagine this scene playing out once a week. You would be enjoying this fifty two times in a year. I’m sure her lips would feel just as wonderful on that fifty second time as they did on the first. Watching her head bob up and down fifty two times a year would be nice indeed.


But think of other things that happen once a week, like watching your favorite show, or going to church, or in some cases, exercise. Think for a moment of doing something fifty two times. Now, recall that a year has three hundred and sixty five days and what seemed like a lot, isn’t. That puts things in more perspective. If you did it twice a week you would of course double the instances to one hundred and four times I’m a year. Perhaps you sleep late on the weekends. You would sleep in late, one hundred and four times a year.


Perhaps you blog. Some people blog every day, three hundred sixty five posts in a year. Perhaps you give yourself the weekend off. Posting Monday through Friday would have you posting two hundred and sixty times a year. This sounds like a lot until you think about driving to work is the same two hundred and sixty. Then you realizes that you drive home again, so driving to work, then driving back home is five hundred and twenty trips in the car and that doesn’t include your weekend errands. If you blogged on the ride to works (perhaps you take mass transit as I do) and you blog on the way home, you instantly double your output.


But for really large numbers consider the things you do a couple of times a day. If you have three meals a day you would be chowing down one thousand ninety five times this year, and last year, and probably the year before that. Why, in just five short years you’ve had five thousand four hundred and seventy five meals. How many of them were spent at McDonald’s, come on… Really?


But let’s break this thought experiment down even further. Suppose you had music lessons. Imagine those lessons lasting one hour once a week. If that was all the playing that you did, just that one hour once a week, then you would have only fifty two hours of practice in a whole year of eight thousand seven hundred and sixty hours. Yup, do the math, three hundred and sixty five days multiplied by twenty four hours each day… 8,760! But if you practiced one hour three times a week, in addition to your lesson. Then you would have put in two hundred and eight hours. Yes, you would have four times the amount of practice that the once a week person has.


And that leads me to the practice of writing. I’ve read about committing just one hour a day to writing. It could be sitting down nice a day for a full hour, or you could break it into two half-hour sittings. But try to get one hour a day to sit and write.


One hour a day, three times a week would be 156 hours for the year. That doesn’t sound so bad considering that there are 8,760 hours in the average year and you spend 2,555 of those asleep (assuming that you sleep seven hours a night) spending only 156 of the waking 6,205 isn’t asking much.


But I encourage you. If thou really want to make the commitment, vomit an hour a day to your writing. Even if you spent an hour a day every day, you would a still have 5,840 hours with which to eat, work, play, catch up with your Kardashians, or perhaps catch Scarlet Johansson in a movie. Doesn’t she have such lovely lips! Now, imagine her keeping her tongue twirling around its target. I’ll bet you could do that for a couple of minutes each day.

Teusday Top Ten


It seems that a blog just isn’t complete without a posting of some silly list or other. Its that time of year again Time to breakout of the old routine and masquerade as something else. So, without further ado.. My Top Ten Halloween costumes ____________________________________________


01) Goth Vampire


02) Sexy Ringleader


03 Pirate Wench


04) Witch


05) Red Ridinghood


06) Black Queen


07) Demoness


08) Queen of Hearts


09) Alice in Wonderland


10) Harlequinn


Something I Find Sexy – Emma Watson in a Hat

Emma Watson - Something I Find Sexy

Emma Watson – Something I Find Sexy

Miss Emma Watson. She played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movie. This is one of a series in a photo-shoot the young actress did for her 20th birthday. Andrea Carter-Bowman took these shots. I find most of the pictures in the series very fetching, but there is something I find very sexy in this particular picture. It’s a sultry look in the eye from someone too young to really know what sultry is. Its flirty in a way that young girls flirt. And she is young. I’m old enough to be her father… ‘s older friend… Yeah, her father’s older friend.


The light gray terry top displays as casualness to the encounter. As if you’ve just come across her while she was out doing something else entirely without the intention of meet you, though she was completely intent on meeting you. Wearing it off the shoulder emphasizes the softness of her curve. Her smooth, supple limbs would feel nice against my neck as she looks up deeply into my eyes. Her smooth clear skin with the light reflecting off of it has a radiant glow synonymous with youthful vigor.


I like the soft auburn hair, slightly longer than shoulder length, the way its pulled away from the face. It frames her face without obscuring it. The hat makes a nice accent as if she could use it to hide should she choose.



The tilt of her head, pulling her chin into her, is a sexy pose. Body language people would say its a display of shyness but this pose with her eyes looking at me from the top, near her eyebrow, is sexy as hell. It’s the same way with a woman catching your eye over the top of her glasses.. Her eyes are warm and bright with a twinkle in them. They seem like happy eyes. Large eyes, taking me in, drawing me in with an inviting look to them. They make a lovely pair.


It’s a coyishness with which her hand hides her smile. That smile discloses a hint at mischief in the partially exposed lip. I cannot see her lips themselves and yet I cannot stop wondering what they may taste like. She hides it as she would hide an invitation to an indiscretion.



Also, at the composition level of the photo, the clear definition better Emma and the background is a bonus for us Photoshop users. We can easily remove her from the neutral tone background and replace it with something more to our liking. In one photo manipulation I’ve made, this backdrop has been replace with a background of the city of Paris at night. A few light source touches and it appears she’s on a balcony overlooking the city of lights. Its all a question of having the right components at hand.


There is so much written in praise of youth and virtue. Perhaps because both are valued by the older people doing the writing. What if youth were to write the great tomes of the classic cannon? What would they value?


Many people say that we have a youth based culture. That we middle age and older people are more focused on young people and what they are doing… Those ‘damn kids’ that we bemoan. But hasn’t it always been so? I remember they used to say that about ‘kids’ my age in the eighties. And I know they were confounded by the young people in the sixties. They were decrying the fate of f Scott Fitzgerald wrote about them in the twenties, Hemingway wrote. About young men during the fifties even if it was somewhat autobiographical.


And so, she is young and alluring, singing a youthful siren song of carefree times long ago. We probably know someone just like her back then. We may have even been with someone just like her way back then. Perhaps this photo is as such a time machine, a window open to a recollection lurking just be

O the surface. Perhaps it’s that, which makes this image so erotic, I’ve been there… Right there… Years ago.


There is something enticing about youth itself. Not in the obsessive ‘Lolita’ way, but in a healthy, radiant, vibrant, inquisitive way. Youth is an aggregate of attributes that sings of fertility. I suppose, at that level my reaction to her, my attraction to her, may be evolutionary and elementary my dear Watson.

Poem Alert – Diana Series

Tanka is a form of unrhymed Japanese poetry, with five sections structured in a 5-7-5-7-7 pattern of syllable similar to the haiku, which follows the more familiar 5 / 7 / 5 pattern. What follows is a brief interaction between lovers in seven stanzas each in the Tanka form.



As I pour her wine

my eyes draw in her beauty

as she approaches

she discards her jacket and

makes herself at home with me


She enjoys her wine

It brings color to her cheeks

and warmth to her lips

and softness to her smile

and thoughts of lust to her mouth


Her wine soaked kisses

soon lead to wine soaked sucking

Her kissing descends

down from my lips past my neck

down from my chest to my cock


Her tongue swirls around

As the wine swirled in her glass

She makes me harden

Her lips move along my cock

Her tongue teasing round my head


The wine on her lips

intoxicates my manhood

I ache to feed her

as her hunger engulfs me

as her wine soaked lust drives her


She takes me in deeply

I thrust deep to satisfy

her lust hungry mouth

Her lips entice me harder

To the breaking point and then


I reach my climax

My seed explodes into her

She moans her delight

I satisfy her hunger

She satisfies my aching

Poem Alert – Tritina – Christine Series

A tritina is a ten line poem that uses three end words. The end words are rotated in three tercets (3 line stanzas) before all appearing in the final line. There is no rhyme schemes or subjects inherent to tritinas. They incorporate a quick repetition of words and the trick is to make it all sound natural.


Christine Series

Christine Series


Christine’s total demeanor is whipped
“The world just doesn’t improve” she moaned
I’m just pleased to see that I’m obeyed

My hand kisses her ass, she whispers her moan
“You know you’ll feel better when you obey,
Christine my love, fetch me your whip.”

She complies because she’s ‘into’ obeying
I’m compelled because I’m ‘into’ whipping
but wonderfully we bond when we’re moaning

We would bemoan loss not obeying the whip

Poem Alert – Sonnet – Julia Series

This poem is in the Elizabethan format. The form consists of fourteen lines structured as three quatrains and a couplet. The usual rhyme scheme is end-rhymed a-b-a-b, c-d-c-d, e-f-e-f, g-g.


Her energetic youth engages something in me

She yearns to overwhelm me with her charms

As she devours my body with her lips I see

Our April / August romance could raise alarms


Her breasts so responsive to the touch

My years add assurance to the stimulation

Her fingers awaken my arousal too much

I draw her close to advance her education


This nubile pixie laying naked in my embrace

Rejuvenates me bringing strength to my bones

A self-satisfied contentment spreads across her face

As we exhaust ourselves in a chorus of moans


We enjoy these summer afternoons together

As April and August are known for good weather

Poem Alert – Sonnet – Julia Series

This poem is in the Elizabethan format. The form consists of fourteen lines structured as three quatrains and a couplet. The usual rhyme scheme is end-rhymed a-b-a-b, c-d-c-d, e-f-e-f, g-g.


This lover’s gold hair is in a short pixie cut

And it magnifies her doe eyes of blue

With small pouty lips I’ll tell you what

A marvel those simple two lips can do

They meet mine, sweet little pecks of a kiss

It’s true between us she’s much younger

And while she seems to be a willing miss

I know that I can keep pace with her hunger


So I let her enjoyable little pecks linger

then hold her chin and before she can fidget

Replacing my lips with the tip of a finger

her nubile lips part to take in my digit


Too young to enjoy the taste of fine scotch

And still eager to play with the bulge in my crotch



Poem Alert – Haiku / Tanka – Diana Series

Tanka is a form of unrhymed Japanese poetry, with five sections structured in a 5-7-5-7-7 pattern of syllable similar to the haiku, which follows the more familiar 5 / 7 / 5 pattern. What follows is a brief interaction between lovers in three stanzas each in the Tanka form.



Diana Muse 01

Diana Muse 01

Black shirt, skirt, blazer

Hiding her porcelain white skin

Which glows radiant

As I strip her clothes away

Revealing the muse beneath


Black garter, hose, heels

And a mask of pure black silk

The muse recostumed

Her display inspires my verse

As she performs before me


A private viewing

Her captivating floor show

Performed on her bed

Inspires more than just verse

As a tension wells in me

Monday – Status Update


Its week 24 of 52 and I continue to make slow progress. As you all know we are two installments into the 200 word flash fiction series. This week I’ll add another installment.

I’m still editing the Erotic Proclivities #3 vignette for submission to, they are sticklers for good grammar.

  • Literary Pursuits – a second Witch novella now in development
  • Erotic Proclivities  – read it here at Erotic Stories
  • Two Fingers – read it here:
  • Caitlin (Five chapter novella) – approved, read it here at
  • Dumb Drops (formerly Candy) chapter 1 and 2 – approved read it at Stories XNXX
  • Dumb Drops (formerly Candy) chapter 3 – Rejected! Its in rewrite now

Monday – Status Update

OMG this is week 23 out of 52! I am at the half-way mark for 2014 and I look around at all the undone, half started, still in sketch, written on napkin, projects here and I’m in some serious trouble of not getting things done. David Allen needs to stop by and personally give my backside the force-end of his patent leather shoe! In last weeks news, Erotic Proclivities – Winter vignette was accepted at Erotic Proclivities – Autumn vignette was rejected due to poor grammar and is in its second rewrite. As to our other cast of characters:

  • Literary Pursuits – a second Witch novella now in development
  • Erotic Proclivities  – read it here at Erotic Stories
  • Two Fingers – read it here:
  • Caitlin (Five chapter novella) – approved, read it here at
  • Dumb Drops (formerly Candy) chapter 1 and 2 – approved read it at Stories XNXX
  • Dumb Drops (formerly Candy) chapter 3 – Rejected! Its in rewrite now