Dust in the Wind

dusty-deskIts been a long time away from the desk. A rough-hewn path gets overgrown and the next thing you know, you’re stuck in the thickets and thistles. Well its about time to blow some of the dust off around here and get those sleeves rolled up and see what other clichés can let loose around here.

#MondayMotivation – Week 6 Status Update

sexy-legs19Last week saw quite the uptick in twitter. Dozens of tweets and a couple of new followers and plenty of limericks posted. I’ve also been posting these limericks to my Pinterest page… click here to view. It also saw the completion of the Limericks Volume One review process at Smashwords. So I have a formatted template that works!

I’m looking forward to the week ahead and the publication of Limericks Volume Two. I’m hoping to have that done Wednesday. I’ll continue with the daily posting on twitter and the weekly round up here on Friday.

I’m also working on curating the Diana and the Julia series of poems. I think that once I have a dozen good one for each I’ll send them to Smashwords for publication.

Limericks Vol 01 Launched!

limericks_vol01Finally! A year of procrastination has been put behind me. I put together a volume of the limericks in a one hundred count book and published it over at Smashwords. It took a little work to get the formatting down but their ‘Smashwords Style Guide’ helped me get the formatting of my word doc corrected. One of the hardest parted was the ‘Author’ section. Why is is so hard to talk about yourself? I really should think about that.

So its a big step going from the occasional poster of short stories on websites to putting something out ‘for sale’. It’s like its somehow official… I’m published! Check it out here…



Monday Status Update – Week 02

Autumn Status Update

A new year, with all the optimism that a new year brings. Welcome 2016! This is the year that I get off my butt and actually take the plunge to get the little projects that I’m working on, out into the real world.

I’ve been reading through a couple of books on how to publish to smashwords. I’ve been formatting a couple of volumes of the poems I’ve published here, as well as some new ones… and getting them ready to upload.

So, one again, I have to admonish myself for letting too many distractions crowd out the creative tasks that I want to bring forth. There are only 64 days till St. Patrick’s Day and its time to get busy on some limericks… we all like limericks yes?

Limericks Week 40

Its #cougarweek! here on my limericks pinterest page.

I post these little gems on my twitter feed… its all pretty simple and it has been helping me get myself in a creative mood in the morning. It beats trolling Facebook news feeds which had been my ‘morning with coffee’ routine. These are the pics for 9/29 through 10/3

You can check out all of the limericks on my pinterest page – http://www.pinterest.com/willalan64/limericks/

limerick045 limerick046 limerick047 limerick048 limerick049