Something I Find Sexy – Katy Perry in Black Lingerie

Katy Perry in Black Lingerie

Katy Perry in Black Lingerie

Another image from the “Something I Find Sexy’ file. This black and white of Katy Perry in lingerie has very erotic qualities. Her ‘distant gaze’ is also very striking.

I love the way the black camisole hangs loosely from her breasts. The two straps holding it up at her shoulders can be easily swept aside. Revealing those breasts. Seeing them sway like the pocket watch of a hypnotist. All of my attention focused on them. Reaching out to feel their warmth. Feeling her nipples harden as my finger gentle roll around them. I listen to her deepening breath s she runs her finger through my hair. I can feel her hand behind my head guiding my lips to her taut nipples.


I twirl my tongue around them teasing. Taking my time with such a tasty treat. I feel her hot breath on my throat as she leaves a trail of kisses down my neck. She rolls me over and I let’s her pin my shoulders down as she probes my mouth with her tongue. I feel her breasts warm again my bare chest. Her wet pussy momentarily protects behind those black silk panties rubs firmly against my cock. I feel my excitement swelling it as she grinds her hips against my.


Enveloping her in my arms I roll her down on her back. She gasps in surprise of my hand as it swiftly removes the thin silken garment separating our union. She excludes another gasp as I enter her. The pleasure of my forceful engagement takes a moment for her to express with her moaning into my ear.

Weekly Serial – Literary Pleasures 03

A tale of a librarian / witch with a cadre of acolytes who must fight a penny pinching town counsel to maintain their club’s funding…. this weeks episode: ‘Mike Gets Busy’

Literary Pleasures

Literary Pleasures

Mike was known around the local community for being available for yard work. Ever since he was a scrawny freshman he spent his summers pushing a mower and hanging out at the library.

Cindy Alvarez was a junior at school and mike fostered a social friendship with her as his mistress directed. The quickest way to preoccupy her hot mom was through the not quite as hot daughter.

Being the only child of a single mom, Cindy was often the one doing the yard work as her mom was at work. So, being the friendly type of guy mike was, he offered to come over and help her.

The two spent the afternoon in the yard. Cindy was raking up as miked mowed the lawn. He had taken off his t shirt and left it on the porch knowing he would be working upna sweat in heat. She liked the sight of his lean torso glistening in the sun.

Finishing in the late afternoon, She invited mike in to have iced tea. All was going as expected. After two tall glasses and an hour of chatting. Mike asked Cindy if he could take a quick shower before putting on his T-shirt.

She lead him to the upstairs bathroom where he stripped down and relaxed under the stream of soothing water. He didn’t hear Cindy come in bringing a towel for him.

“Hi Mike,” she chirped, “I have a towel here for you when your ready.”

Mike pulled the shower curtain back a bit and stuck his head out, sorry, I couldn’t her you with the water running.

Cindy turned and started to repeat herself as mike moved more of the shower curtain back. She could take all of him n now. Gazing at his long lean body and then fixating on his long lean cock.

“Wow, I’ve never seem one of those before.”


Mike let out a soft laugh, “well why don’t we get you two acquainted then,” he said smiling at her. Her eyes focused on the cock as it grew longer, rising up to greet her right in the face.

Cindy moved closer, transfixed by the erection growing before her eyes. Mike took her hand and placed it on his shaft. She slowly started pumping the erection, watching it, mesmerized.

Monday – Status Update


Its week 24 of 52 and I continue to make slow progress. As you all know we are two installments into the 200 word flash fiction series. This week I’ll add another installment.

I’m still editing the Erotic Proclivities #3 vignette for submission to, they are sticklers for good grammar.

  • Literary Pursuits – a second Witch novella now in development
  • Erotic Proclivities  – read it here at Erotic Stories
  • Two Fingers – read it here:
  • Caitlin (Five chapter novella) – approved, read it here at
  • Dumb Drops (formerly Candy) chapter 1 and 2 – approved read it at Stories XNXX
  • Dumb Drops (formerly Candy) chapter 3 – Rejected! Its in rewrite now 200 Word Flash-Fiction 02

time02And so the 200 word flash fiction story continues… this week’s installment – The Arrival (cue 70’s style TV detective show theme music).


The ship’s launch approached slowly. Captain Yamoto’s eyes strained to pierce the lifting fog, seeing the dock and its surroundings in shades of gray. As he drew closer he could make out a tall, lean man standing on the dock awaiting him. There were suppose to be two men here to make the exchange, he thought, appraising the stranger.

Every bit the pirate, Yamoto surmised. This mercenary of the Lady Lin seems very calm, the word that came to him was, serene. As the launch docked, he drummed his fingers nervously on the wooden box beside him, relieved that the jade disc would soon be this stranger’s misfortune. It lay there in the box and Yamoto couldn’t help but think of it as a sleeping serpent coiled and tensed for action.

Yamoto’s grandfather had acquired the rare, green jade disk with the gold dragon inlay-ed while he was commanding a small expeditionary force in China. It was said to plague its owner with various misfortunes, but who believes in such superstitions in this enlightened age, Yamoto, with very good reasons. After fifty dormant years in Japan it was time to send the serpent back. A storm gathering, ready to strike. 200 Word Flash-Fiction 01

time02I’m starting a little something new.. using the 200 word flash-fiction contest at to develop a story piecemeal weekly. I’m heading into it blind purposefully… to see if i can craft a short story that flows and makes sense 200 words weekly. I started it last week with the introduction of ‘the mysterious stranger’ cue spooky music…


He emerged from the fog which had enveloped the docks these past few days. A lean man wearing a white French cuffed shirt open at the collar, a black vest open at the bottom, and jeans that had been worn long and seen much.

Two days of blond stubble peppered his firm set jaw. A light of vengeance glowing in his gray eyes. His nostrils flared as he sensed his prey.

His bare feet moved silently along the wooden dock. Without a sound, the katana sword was summoned from its hilt. It too had been worn long and seen much.

The gentle lapping of the water wasn’t needed to mask his stealthy approach.

Mikey stared at his line cast out in the water. Feeding the fish he called it. He waited and watched quite literally for his ship to come in. With his partner’s sudden ‘accident’ at sea, the whole shipment would be his. His mind too lost in lust of lucre to register the slight glint of light from the polished blade.

One swift catlike move freed Michael’s head from his double crossing neck. With a dull, flat splash Mikey would remain as he had been, feeding the fish.