Gadget Notes 01

I’m noticing, at least as far as my current production goes, that the gadgets I use, make the job so much easier. Other than writing erotic fiction, I write technical and requirements documentation. I also maintain a journal, a personal narrative of ramblings really. I’ve been maintaining a journal more steadily now since the year two thousand. Prior to that my journal was a bit spotty, but some entries go back as far as my high school and college days back in the eighties. But, I digress.

About two years ago I bought a kindle. Not the expensive one either. I bought the seventy nine dollar on sale special because I know my history with gadgets. Some gadgets, like those personal information mangers back in the nineties, I hardly ever used. While the little mp3 players, I use all the time. Into which category this new addition to my gadget gallery would fall… only time would tell. Huh? What cliché? Where?

I must say that I haven’t read so many books in such a short time, well, since I was in school. On the kindle I’ve re-read many of Hemmingway’s short stories and novels, a dozen or so Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe series, and couple of Agatha Christie novels. I found that after reading five Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels, the movies were better (especially the ones with Sean Connery). When I read my friend Monica’s book “Winfield – Living in the Shadow of the Woolworths” I discovered that other writers can be as scary as Steven King. And having re-read Orwell’s “1984”, and Huxley’s “Brave New World”, I have determined that Huxley’s anti-utopian future is much more on the mark.

I have been convinced by many writers that I know, of one important piece of wisdom. You can improve your writing by improving your reading. My now ‘old’, kindle is one of the gadgets that I feel, really enables me to read much more. I’m hoping that blogging will similarly help me write much more. But that story still waits to be told.

Please share your thoughts…

Hello World


Isn’t that how these things usually get started. A word or two on the page and the next thing you know, a series of words have hopefully made a point. Words on a page. Whether it’s ‘Once upon a time’, or ‘it was a dark and stormy night’, or be it ‘hello world!’  just getting myself started and past that point of staring at a blank page…