Weekly Serial – Literary Pleasures 09

A tale of a librarian / witch with a cadre of acolytes who must fight a penny pinching town counsel to maintain their club’s funding…. this weeks episode: ‘Ronnie Gets Down to Business’

Literary Pleasures

Literary Pleasures

“Having deployed her acolytes on their various missions it was time for Alexa to have a conversation with Councilman Paul Stone. She and Paul were on very ‘friendly’ terms so it was easy to have him over.


“Paul welcome,” Alexa said ushering the tall and rugged politician.


“Always good to see you,” he said kissing her cheek. He followed her out to the sun room where Alexa had a tea service ready. As they sat on the couch she poured him a cup.


“I wanted to talk to you about the funding issue coming for a vote next month.”


“Well Alexa you know that you and your friends can count on my support. I’m well aware of the many benefits that the library provides,” he said, taking the cup. “But the rest of that short sighted council may be hard to win over.”


“As for that,” Alexa said “I have our friends working on that issues already. I think that when the vote is taken next month you will find you have more support than you know. Friends of ours have been meeting with Mr Miller, Ms Alvarez, and Ms Taylor.”


“The four of us together would be a majority against Ms Potter.”


“Well, as I said, our friends are working very hard on this issue and we wouldn’t want to leave any votes taken for granted,” Alexa purred leaning into him and running her hand up his thigh.


The tea was having its effect, stimulating Paul even before Alexa began turning up the heat. As she brought her lips to his she was looking forward to returning this politician into her hot, wet, hungry, pocket.

Weekly Serial – Literary Pleasures 07

A tale of a librarian / witch with a cadre of acolytes who must fight a penny pinching town counsel to maintain their club’s funding…. this weeks episode: ‘Ronnie Gets Down to Business’

Literary Pleasures

Literary Pleasures

Literary Pleasures

Peter and Alexa spent Friday in the park. Pete was honing his skills on unsuspecting people they encountered. Pete would innocently start a conversation but as he talked, his stare penetrated his target’s conscious mind. As he modulate his voice and tone he could have the target lower their social guards and reveal more of their inner selves than they normally would.

His conversation would work to foster a sense of connection between him and his target. From there, he could penetrate their minds and build inside his target a willingness to comply with has various requests. His targets always jumped through the same hoops; they knew him, they liked him, they trusted him, they wanted to please him.

So far this afternoon one new ‘friend’ gave him twenty buck, another one was going to get him a sandwich and now a policeman was talk Peter’s picture while he was wearing the officer’s hat. Alexa knew that in a moment the policeman would not remember having a hat and Pete would have another souvenir. With a devilish smile and youthful good looks his natural charm made him a compliance machine.

After a while, Alexa selected a target for Pete. A woman with a blonde ponytail and Nike jogging shorts with a tight white T-shirt was stretching after her jog around the lake’s trail.

“I want her panties. Your mission young man is simply go and fetch,” she said.

Pete sized the woman up, attractive, late thirties, nice pleasing figure. “Hmmm,” he said. “She looks like she likes to work up a sweat.”

He had Alexa hold his new hat an went to work. A smile spread across her face as she watched him walk out of the park with the jogger in tow.

Weekly Serial – Literary Pleasures 06

A tale of a librarian / witch with a cadre of acolytes who must fight a penny pinching town counsel to maintain their club’s funding…. this weeks episode: ‘Ronnie Gets Down to Business’

Literary Pleasures

Literary Pleasures

Literary Pleasures

Ronnie’s knowledge making incense and its effects on people would come in handy this weekend as her dad had invited councilman Miller to her family’s summer cottage.


The early summer day around the cottage was warm and pleasant. As Mr. Miller and her dad were out Ronnie spent the day in her attic workshop, distilling the essence of a couple of local plants into an extract she loaded into a glade plugin.


Shortly after diner Ronnie excused herself from the conversation around the table. She went up to her workshop and collected the plugins she had enhanced. She slipped into her parents room first and set the device. Then she slipped into the guest room and plugged one in for the mild mannered councilman.


Later, when everyone retired for the evening, Ronnie’s plan was already well under way. The incense had the expected effect on her parents. They were always quite vocal in their love making. Since they would be occupied for a while, Ronnie proceeded.


Wearing a long, white silk robe Ronnie tapped on Mr. Miller’s door and entered without waiting for a response.


“Excuse me,” she said carrying towels in her arms. “I forgot to bring these up to you earlier. ”


The scent of the incense was light in the air but its effects were already working.


“O – oh” Mr. miller stammered, “that’s quite alright.”


He was standing by the window in a T-shirt and lounge pants. Ronnie smiled noticing the growing erection tenting the lose fabric.


“The view outside is wonderful. It’s so clear out there you can really see the stars,” Ronnie said, moving towards Mr. Miller and the window. “Let me open that for you. I’m sure some cool night air will feel wonderful”.


While she leaned over to unfasten the window, Mr. Miller appreciated the view of her generous curves and his erection grew harder. Ronnie turned and noticed. She also not I see the pleasant look in his eye. The incense was taking a strong effect. His arousal was peaking.


“Well, it seems you do like mountain views Mr. Miller,” Ronnie said stepping closer.


“I…,”. Before he could say more Ronnie’s lips were on him and she let her hand slip into his pants. Getting the situation in hand she led him to the large welcoming guest bed. A few hours of gentle persuasion should help the councilman see things from her point of view. The photos will help also.

Weekly Serial – Literary Pleasures 05

A tale of a librarian / witch with a cadre of acolytes who must fight a penny pinching town counsel to maintain their club’s funding…. this weeks episode: ‘A Little Background on Ronnie’

Literary Pleasures

Mistress Alex was spending her Saturday afternoon up in the loft with Ronnie. Ronnie was a gifted acolyte in making potions, elixirs, and incense. Ronnie was especially fond of creating various incenses.


Ronnie’s parents had a bit of a rocky marriage when she was younger. However, when she became a freshman, and had started going to the library, she learned new skills that saved her parents’ marriage. Her family life became much better. Its seems that the marriage suffered from her parent’s inability to show each other love. From the skills that Ronnie learned from Alexa, she was able to heal her folks and bring her mother and father to a space where they loved each other much more frequently.


Ronnie brought the love back into her parents’ marriage by bringing sex back into their marriage. Through her studies with Alexa, she learned about plants and extracts and the various uses to which they could be employed. Some plants were soothing in nature, some plants were stimulating.


She learned to distill the essence and create incense. As the incense burned, do did her parent’s passion for each other. The first time she had made incense, she left a small amount of it burning in the living room. She could hear her mom and dad going at it on their way in from the foyer. She retreated to her bedroom and continued listing to their yelling downstairs.


But on this occasion, the yelling didn’t last nearly as long. Soon it died away completely. Ronnie was happy to make the yelling go away. Then, the growing sounds of sex started working their way upstairs. Ronnie’s ear could make out the panting and moaning coming from the sweet smelling living room.


As she crept out onto the landing overlooking the living room see could see her mom spread, kneeling naked on the couch with her father behind thrusting deeply. She watched in youthful fascination. She had never seen people having sex. The sounds where pleasing to her. They weren’t yelling. They sounded happy, and a sweet aroma was wafting through the air. It smelled pleasant, like flowers and cinnamon and… something musky.


The scent seemed to wrap itself around Ronnie as she watched, fixated on the pleasure below. She was not aware of her hand moving itself slowly along her own pleasure center…

Monday – Status Update

Summer Monday Status

Its week 34 of 52. That leaves only 18 weeks until the end of the year. I’m pretty happy with the output from last week, at least as far as this blog goes. Two poems and another episode of the weekly serial was good progress towards my goal. I’m hoping this week to continue with at least one poem, one essay, and another Sunday serial installment

In the meantime (blah blah blah blah-blah):

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  • Dumb Drops (formerly Candy) chapter 1 and 2 – approved read it at Stories XNXX
  • Dumb Drops (formerly Candy) chapter 3 – Rejected! Its in rewrite now

Weekly Serial – Literary Pleasures 04

A tale of a librarian / witch with a cadre of acolytes who must fight a penny pinching town counsel to maintain their club’s funding…. this weeks episode: ‘Mom meets Mike’s Monster’

Literary Pleasures

Cindy’s eyes glassed over Mike’s erection pulsed and throbbed from her tender stroking. He put his hand behind her head and brought her lips to the very tip. “Give him a kiss, ” he prodded.


She placed her lips on the swollen purple tip. Mike leaned towards her and as her mouth accepted the head, her mind accepted her situation. She let herself be swept off her feet and on to her knees. Her mouth filled with Mike’s monster. Her hands massaged his soapy balls and her head swam with a growing lust. She could feel the dampness building between her young legs.


She felt nice working his cock as if she had been sucking for years, but she was just an appetizer, bait, actually. Mike was waiting for a bigger fish. He was not disappointed. He could hear Cindy’s mom arriving. Just the thought of swapping this little fish for the neighborhood hot MILF was enough to open the floodgates as he let himself cum into Cindy’s hungry little mouth.


There was a tap at the door before Cindy’s mother came in


Candice Alvarez, a slim Spanish woman with long black hair that reached the top of her tight ass stood in the doorway.


“Cindy! What’s going on in here?” she demanded.


The initial shock was enough to break the mild trance Mike held Cindy in.


“Get to your room. Now!” her mother ordered.


As Cindy left Mike got out of the shower, making sure not to hide ‘the monster’ and giving his prey a long and loving look at the hardening erection.


“I’m sorry, Miss Alvarez. It’s my fault. I asked Cindy if I could use the shower after working in the yard, and one thing lead to another. As you know close quarters can cause all sorts of unintended consequence…”


Mike continues to talk, speaking softer and softer.


Candice listened initially, but her anger was quickly changing into something else entirely. As she stood there listening to Mike’s feeble excuse her eyes were fixed on the monster. She had never seen a cock that large, and pulsing, and pleasing, not even in pictures. She was drawn to it… like a moth to a flame. Watching… wondering… willing.


Moving closer Mike took hold of her hand and let her stroke his erection. As he looked down into her eyes, she slowly started stroking, taking over where her daughter left off.


Somewhere in her mind she was pleased that her mouth would finish what her daughter’s had started.

Weekly Serial – Literary Pleasures 03

A tale of a librarian / witch with a cadre of acolytes who must fight a penny pinching town counsel to maintain their club’s funding…. this weeks episode: ‘Mike Gets Busy’

Literary Pleasures

Literary Pleasures

Mike was known around the local community for being available for yard work. Ever since he was a scrawny freshman he spent his summers pushing a mower and hanging out at the library.

Cindy Alvarez was a junior at school and mike fostered a social friendship with her as his mistress directed. The quickest way to preoccupy her hot mom was through the not quite as hot daughter.

Being the only child of a single mom, Cindy was often the one doing the yard work as her mom was at work. So, being the friendly type of guy mike was, he offered to come over and help her.

The two spent the afternoon in the yard. Cindy was raking up as miked mowed the lawn. He had taken off his t shirt and left it on the porch knowing he would be working upna sweat in heat. She liked the sight of his lean torso glistening in the sun.

Finishing in the late afternoon, She invited mike in to have iced tea. All was going as expected. After two tall glasses and an hour of chatting. Mike asked Cindy if he could take a quick shower before putting on his T-shirt.

She lead him to the upstairs bathroom where he stripped down and relaxed under the stream of soothing water. He didn’t hear Cindy come in bringing a towel for him.

“Hi Mike,” she chirped, “I have a towel here for you when your ready.”

Mike pulled the shower curtain back a bit and stuck his head out, sorry, I couldn’t her you with the water running.

Cindy turned and started to repeat herself as mike moved more of the shower curtain back. She could take all of him n now. Gazing at his long lean body and then fixating on his long lean cock.

“Wow, I’ve never seem one of those before.”


Mike let out a soft laugh, “well why don’t we get you two acquainted then,” he said smiling at her. Her eyes focused on the cock as it grew longer, rising up to greet her right in the face.

Cindy moved closer, transfixed by the erection growing before her eyes. Mike took her hand and placed it on his shaft. She slowly started pumping the erection, watching it, mesmerized.

Weekly Serial – Literary Pleasures 02

A tale of a librarian / witch with a cadre of acolytes who must fight a penny pinching town counsel to maintain their club’s funding…. this weeks episode: ‘Call the Gang Together’


Literary Pleasures

Literary Pleasures

Betsy was busy lighting candles in Alexa’s spacious attic. The large, round stained glass windows on the west side let in streams of colored light. She enjoyed the quietness of the room before the others would arrive. It was the one place where she felt completely centered. She was where she belonged. Here, with her friends, she really felt connected.

She went to an ornate armoire and retrieved a black silk hooded robe she wore when the ‘study group’ met. Pulling off her jeans she stretched and slipped the robe over her. She loved the feel of the smooth silk on her bare breasts. Her pert nipples pointed the fabric as she tied a white cord around her firm waist. Three small brass skeleton keys jingled from the belt.

“The others have been called, they should be here shortly,” alexa said coming up the stairs. She had changed into her hooded black silk robe belted with a braid of gold around the waist. She grabbed a bottle of red wine from a rack of bottles on the wall and started emptying it into a caldron over a small flame.

“I heard the news about the cuts yesterday and wanted to sleep on it before bring the issue up before the group,” she said to Betsy who was sitting in one of the large leather chairs reading one of the old bound books of enchantments.

Alexa went to a collection of jars and stared gathering an assortment of special leaves to add to the wine mulling in the cauldron.

“Do you think there’s any chance they’ll table the proposal?” Betsy asked.

“I have a feeling that Ms Potter has some serious issues.” Alexa replied.

Alexa continued warming the wine, mulling it with apples and herbs. Betsy kept herself occupied with the old book until they heard footsteps coming up the stairs.

Michael, Veronica, and Peter arrived together. Along with Betsy they formed Alexa’s ‘study group’. What they were studying where practices in the field of applied metaphysics. Or at least that’s what they told their other classmates. If any bothered to ask them.

After the acolytes finished changing, Alexa address the group.

“Changing the votes of the council using overt magic directly against the members of the board was of course possible. But the brute force solution brings its own problems of backlash and then the witch hunts begin.” Alexa had seen that happen before. “Working together, brining indirect influence, we will change the votes.” And corrupt the council more completely.

“The council needs to see how the consequences of their actions would hurt others. They needed to see the people who would most be effected by these short sighted cut.” Alexa said filling five chalices with warmed wine. “Yes, the members of the council should meet the people who will most directly be impacted by their cut. You will meet with them and through you, they will see the importance of the library”.

As the group eventually broke up and they were getting set to leave, Alexa reminded Michael that he needed to stay behind.

“I think you have another session with me, Michael,” she said. “The rest of you are dismissed, and good night”.

As the others left, Michael removed and put away his robe in the armoire. He had grown tall and lean over these last four years Alexa reflected. He walked over to stand in the center of a white circle painted on the floor. Alexa approached with a jar of cream. Taking a dollop of the healing ointment and applying it to his stiffening erection, she applied it liberally. She watched, pleased as it slowly started working its magic along his shaft. Lowering herself to her knees it was time to help Michael ‘work through some things’.

Weekly Serial – Literary Pleasures 01

There is an idea that’s starting to germinate in my mind. A story is starting to come together. A tale of a librarian / witch with a cadre of acolytes who must fight a penny pinching town counsel to maintain their club’s funding….


Literary Pleasures

Literary Pleasures

Winds of change were blowing storm clouds toward the sleepy little community of Rockport MA.

‘Young people are in need of knowledge these days,’ Alexa thought. ‘They can’t be serious about cutting our funding!’

The newly elected town counsel was packed with people determined to undermine the local schools to get large.property tax breaks and most of them were absentee landlords short sighted and didn’t give a damn about the community so long as those monthly checks kept coming in. Lead by that cheapskate Dorothy Potter, the board was pushing a austerity budget

Alexandria Collins knew she would be able to count on her cabal of acolytes she had been grooming these past four years. They had used their time last year in a ‘get out the vote’ campaign to help get Paul Stone elected to the council. So, Alexa had at least one vote in favor of a larger library budget. With a five member council, she should secure another three votes. But this would be a perfect time to see how much influence her magic could yield.

As she drew deeply on the hooka pipe letting its influence wash over her, she ran her hand along Betsy’s supine body. Having just spent themselves on the cushioned floor in Veronica’s sunroom, the librarian conspired with her young ingénue that the key to swinging the council vote may turn on only a few members.

With her position as the head librarian for the town of Rockport, Alexa had been very cognisant of using the library’s facilities to help studious teens expand their knowledge. Knowledge in a few precise arcane arts. The sect needed followers and young followers are the most devoted and zealous. It would be zeal that would win the coming battle with the town council.

“Betsy, get up and let’s have a good look at you.”

Betsy Braddock, 18 and well indoctrinated from the freshman year of school, now a senior and considered one if the schools top college bound.scholars, got up and slowly turned so that Alexa could take in all the charms the teen had to offer. Long lean legs a tight runners ass firm abs beautiful b cup breasts soft shoulders and a great head on them. Shoulder length brown hair brown eyes full lips that smiled expectantly, Betsy loved being ‘ displayed’.

“I think we should get the gang together,” Alexa said.

“I’ll get the club house ready,” Betsy replied, pouring herself into her skin tight jeans.