Dust in the Wind

dusty-deskIts been a long time away from the desk. A rough-hewn path gets overgrown and the next thing you know, you’re stuck in the thickets and thistles. Well its about time to blow some of the dust off around here and get those sleeves rolled up and see what other clichés can let loose around here.

#MondayMotivation Week 35 Status Update

So, I’m still churning out Limericks. Now a Third volume, aptly named Naughty Boy’s Book of Limericks Volume 3 has been released at Smashwords. I’ve finally finished reading Clive Cussler’s novel Serpent. This is the first of the NUMA novels with Kurt Austin and Joe Zavala. I enjoyed it and it makes me want to step back further in Mr Cusslers writing life, and read The Mediterranean Caper to see and example of his earlier writing.

I find it interesting to see how an author develops over time. I know that at my extremely primitive stage of creative writing that here will be quite the learning curve. When I read authors like Stephen King and Clive Cussler I’m usually reading current novels where these authors are well honed in their writing skills.

But right now I’m reading my way through The Best American Mystery Stories (2014 edition). I’m interested in cutting my teeth on some erotic short fiction pieces focusing on the mystery genre. I’m hoping to have an vignette ready in a couple of days and I’m sure to post it here first.

In the meantime… checkout the fresh verses… #PunAlert

#MondayMotivation Week 33 Status Update

So, I’ve finished reading Andy McDermott Secret of Excalibur and found it to be an enjoyable read. Well paced action with an intriguing story and a continuation of the character development. In this case we find out more about Eddie’s backstory and it helps to flesh him out more.

As for me.. well I’ve still been crafting those limericks and posting them to Facebook groups. Head on over and check them out as they are not always the same as the ones that get listed here on Fridays. Yes, some limericks are posted only in the Facebook Humor groups.

As for the outstanding content here, well every cloud has a silver lining. Due to a change in my employment status (terminated I think they called it), I will have a bit more time on my hands to post some new content, and get some old projects out of dry-dock.