The Books

Naughty Boy’s Book of Limericks Volume 1

A book of questionable verse
compact, economical, terse
do not give to the kid
you’ll be sorry you did
They do go from bad to worse
WARNING! This work contains limericks of questionable content… it is NOT suitable for minors, or most members of the human species. What follows are one hundred limericks of completely questionable taste.



Naughty Boy’s Book of Limericks Volume 2

“Oh the places you’ll go”
Find out how much you know
The locations are global
But the rhymes are not noble
And they are not all innuendo
Subtitled: “Oh the Places You’ll Go”. This is the second release of limericks. It contains 100 limericks with a geographical focus and a ‘not suitable for minors’ nature. Test your knowledge of places global, and see how many you know..