Limericks Week 48 – Thanksgiving

Its #thanksgiving week! here on my limericks pinterest page.

I post these little gems on my twitter feed… its all pretty simple and it has been helping me get myself in a creative mood in the morning. It beats trolling Facebook news feeds which had been my ‘morning with coffee’ routine. These are the pics for 11/24 through 11/28 (Mon – Fri, the pics for Saturday and Sunday are pinterest only)

You can check out all of the limericks on my pinterest page –

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Tuesday Top Ten : Thanksgiving

top_ten_listIt seems that a blog just isn’t complete without a posting of some silly list or other. Norman Rockwell’s “Freedom from Want’ (Part of the four freedoms series) had become a symbol, often parodied, of the national Thanksgiving holiday. So here is the original, and a couple of variations on the theme… happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


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Monday – Status Update – Site Stats Spike

Autumn Status Update

Its week 48 of 52, four weeks left in this year! As far as the #limericks project goes, things are on course. I am kicking off #thanksgiving week, an irreverent look at the upcoming orgy of food, then shopping. I’ll recap the Monday through Friday releases on this site weekly. As always you can keep up with the daily releases on my twitter feed: I’ve set a goal of doubling my twitter followers through this project. I’m also looking now at setting ‘engagement’ goals through the analytics.

This week the top ten will be celebrating thanksgiving as well, and Wednesday another essay will be posted so watch for a nice picture of Scarlett Johansson.

I’m still working on a title for the new project. I’m thinking “Objects in the Rear-view Window”, or ” The Past Approaches with Stealth”. I have to think of something catchy other than “Do Me My Friend’s Daddy” lol.

Also.. watch for it on Smashwords… I am in the process of putting the Caitlin story together and formatting it for distribution.

As for last week, the site stats took a real spike on Friday following the release of the Diana series poem. I think the traffic spike was due to a formatting change on the tweet announcing the posting on the blog. I will be putting together another poem, perhaps a Julia sonnet and formatting the tweet with similar hash-tags and so if I can replicate the traffic.

In the meantime (blah blah blah blah-blah):

  • Literary Pursuits – a second Witch novella being serialized here and now
  • Erotic Proclivities  – read it here at Erotic Stories
  • Two Fingers – read it here:
  • Caitlin (Five chapter novella) – approved, read it here at