Poem Alert – Tritina – Christine Series

A tritina is a ten line poem that uses three end words. The end words are rotated in three tercets (3 line stanzas) before all appearing in the final line. There is no rhyme schemes or subjects inherent to tritinas. They incorporate a quick repetition of words and the trick is to make it all sound natural.


Christine Series

Christine Series


Christine’s total demeanor is whipped
“The world just doesn’t improve” she moaned
I’m just pleased to see that I’m obeyed

My hand kisses her ass, she whispers her moan
“You know you’ll feel better when you obey,
Christine my love, fetch me your whip.”

She complies because she’s ‘into’ obeying
I’m compelled because I’m ‘into’ whipping
but wonderfully we bond when we’re moaning

We would bemoan loss not obeying the whip