#MondayMotivation Status Update – Week 13

Yes, I have noticed that I seem to have lost a week here… A whole week. But you know, its not the first time that I’ve fallen off my G.T.D. wagon. Too many projects I suppose all clamoring for attention, that and getting caught up in the NetFlix net of new series. I’m watching Travelers, which my brother turned me on to, and the SciFi / Action show Zoo! so my creative endeavors have taken a hit.

But this week ends the month and it will be time for a reflection on the month to see how my ‘social media presence’ has expanded. I have been looking to expand the visibility of the limericks, mostly through Facebook Group. I have been getting very encouraging feedback there, and I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who visit this blog through that venue.

I’ve had some inquiries, and I’m looking to launch volume three of the limericks next week. Right now a friend of mine is proofreading / editing them. I value her feedback as she has a pair of good ears for limericks.

While you’re here… Check out Naughty Boy’s Book of Limericks Volume 1:
A book of questionable verse
Compact, economical, terse
Do not give to the kid
You’ll be sorry you did
They do go from bad to worse


Monday Status Update – Week 40

Autumn Status UpdateWeek 40 is here. That leaves twelve weeks left to get things done for this year. Where does the time go? Unfortunately… I keep a fairly good personal journal and it is a firm testimony to the wasted days, lost opportunities and little acts of procrastination that have made 2015 a year well below expectations.

Last week my goal was to compile a collection of one hundred limerick from the tweets I’ve posted. Getting the body of the work done went fairly quickly. But somewhere between the cover art, author’s bio and reading through the smashword guidelines the project has become mired in details and will probably be launched this week.

Once I can get that off the ground, I will move quickly to publish the backlog of poems that I have laying around. Then, then, yes I know, are the long suffering fiction pieces. I have several pieces in various stages of completeness drifting out at sea. These ships need to reach port.

Am I dealing with writer’s block? I don’t think so. Ideas are flowing a bit too freely at times. Its more a question of quality control. I’m have the outline, the story, the synopsis of what I want to write. But I need to expand it… to tell a good story instead of narrating a good pitch.

So lets discuss another change. I’ve retired the Tuesday Topless Tanka series. This is being replace with the return of the daily limerick on my twitter feed: https://twitter.com/wastor64 . The limericks will be compiled and posted here on Fridays. And I really need to bring back the weekly poem. I don’t know about the rest of the planet, but I’m missing that creative outlet.

So, as fall sets in here in the northeast, its time to get back to work. The laziness of summer needs to be put into its storage bag and this writer’s nose needs to be put back on the grindstone.

Something I Find Sexy – Anne Hathaway in Skin Tight Spandex and Leather Boots

anne_hathaway_catwoman_tallThe Dark Knight Definitely Rises!

Anne Hathaway in a skin tight black spandex-leather outfit. And I mean Skin tight! The sight of her in this production still is drop dead gorgeous. Action figure! That best describes Anne as Catwoman. She is outfitted for action.

There’s a scene in the movie where she’s dancing with ‘Bruce Wayne’ and I can picture the scene in my mind and make edits to create my own director’s cut. The first edit is the costume change, getting Anne out of that dress and into this cat suit. Then, as I play the scene in my mind while we’re dancing I lead her away to a cozy little room. Closing the door, I feel her melting in my embrace as I reach down to firmly kiss those soft, red lips of hers and make known my less than honorable intentions. Yes, I intend to pleasure her to within an inch of her life mwahahaha.

Unzipping that outfit i can see her young, firm breasts springing out at me. They are eager for the attention of my lips as they are released from their confinement. Her smooth taught belly is warm against mine. I can feel her deft fingers making quick work unfastening my pants and releasing my growing erection. It pulses warm in her hand as her firm grasp excites me. My tongue wraps itself around hers.

As our tongues intertwine, I lay her down on the spacious bed adorned in white linens, where our limbs intertwine. I feel her long legs wonderfully wrap around me as my hands explore her nubile body. I run them along her, finding the spots she finds most sensitive. As my lips travel along her neck I feel her breath hot against my cheek.

I can hear her breathing becoming heavy as my lips and fingers continue their stimulation. Working her to a soft moaning I feel her hands reaching down and guiding my hard cock into her wet and waiting pussy. As I feel the claw if her nails on my back, I thrust my erection deep into her, impaling her with it. She lets a gasp escape those lush lips. Then I smile, listening to her moans as she starts to ride those early waves of pleasure flooding through her mind and loins.

She’s poised, ready for action. She knows what’s she’s doing and she’s ready to execute it. I need a bit of that. Too often I have an opportunity to write, where I get a break in the day, and with my trusty tablet at my side I could easily pick it up, turn it on and start working on a project. But often, I’m not prepared mentally to take advantage of those moments. I need to have a plan, a ‘go to’ plan where I’m ready to continue on my projects when the opportunity arises.

I’m thinking that by spending the time when I can’t write, focused on the stories that I’m working on, when I do get those writing times, I’ll be ready to go. I’ll be in the flow, fast not slow. I could be a real ‘action’ figure.

When I think about these productivity systems, like the seven habits, or the GTD (Getting Things Done) I am seduced. I start thinking about developing a habit for getting productive. It’s a sirens song of accomplishing the numerous little projects that I start. Perhaps if I didn’t start so many little projects in the first place. But aye, there’s the rub.

I lack action, but is it because I lack actionables? No! With my to do list ever growing there is no shortage of actionables.

But did I possess the motivation?

To get anything done, to accomplish any task you need three things… What, how and want. You need to know what to do. What is it that you actually need to do… Be specific.

Then you have to have the knowledge, the ‘how’ to do. If you do not have the knowledge to accomplish a task, then no matter how much you may want to do something, it isn’t getting done. Or at least not getting done correctly.

Then third, there is the ‘want’ to do… The will if you wish. It’s the motivation that actually gets you off the couch and swatting that damn fly buzzing around.

If you know what to do, and how to do, then do…

Have you noticed though that ‘why’ has not factored into this analysis? The reason for that is because in the realm of accomplishing tasks on the to do list ‘why’ is irrelevant. The fact that the task is on the list is its one reason.

Why is the question that gets a task on the list, and is a topic all its own. I’ll leave that for another day. See, another little project is born, just like that. But, at least THIS little essay is now ‘accomplished’. I have spoken my piece and I shall check it off my list of to-do’s and ‘sha-zam!’ a man of action is born. Now, where is that Catwoman…