Monday Status – Week 03

emma-watson-003My God, yes, its been OVER a year since I’ve poked my head above the ground to see if spring is around the corner. I have been on hiatus for a year and now its time to blow the dust off of my ideas and get the writing ball rolling again. A new sense of purpose, of mission, of fun and frivolity…

I’ve been playing with words again and assembling them into limericks… so I should get my notes on ‘how to publish to Smashwords’ and see if I can launch one of those files into the real world. I’ve actually assembled two collections of one hundred limericks each. So I want to make a Limericks Volume 1 and Limericks Volume 2 publications. And now I’m working on two more volumes of limericks… It gives me something to do while enjoying my morning cup of ‘get up and go’.

Which, honestly, is something that I should be doing more of. Too much time spend watching YouTube is not getting any digital ink spilled on the page.

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