Monday Status Update – Week 44

Autumn Status UpdateWeek 44 and its time to get back to writing. I’ve been tied up with a graphics project this past week and I’ve gotten very little done on my writing projects. The project involved magazine mock-ups. Although I think it was a rather creative project, it has taken time from my production here.

But at this point, the second collection of limericks as fifty percent completed. I’ve for fifty down, fifty to go. I’m hoping, barring any other shiny distractions, that I can actually get something completed in a week or two.

The past two Fridays have had there Limericks Round-up posted and back-dated so that it appears as though these posts went out as scheduled. And I hate having to do that, but until I get myself back on track…

I don’t really know where this procrastination is coming from. But I think that I’ve had this with many new endeavors. I like the creative ‘high’ that I get from getting through the rough drafts, but then I don’t get the same endorphin rush from the editing phase needed to create a final draft for publication. And I really don’t know why that is.

I’m starting to see a pattern here, are you? Let us open up to the book of Lamentations. But, in the meantime here is a sample of that graphics project I mentioned, the rest of the are posted on my Pinterest page under Sexy Magazine Mock-Ups:


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