Monday Status Update – Week 41

Autumn Status UpdateWeek 41 and I’m still working at getting the poem books uploaded to smashwords. I need to craft an author bio… who am I? (cue the music to Les Miserables). I also wonder if I should launch the collection at one time. The content that I’m creating now, for the Limerick book, will be the same as the content for the others. So, with some time on my hands this week, can I possibly tear myself away from binge watching House on NetFlix?

So, as the limericks continue through the twitter posts, I’ll be recapping most of them here on Fridays. That seems to be a good schedule to work by for now.

I also posted another of the ‘Things I Find Sexy’ essay… or fictionalized opinion, or vignette. These brief bursts of creative expression will hopefully help me to refine my technique. I think of them as the rough sketches that I used to do while learning to draw. They are the ‘doodles in the margin’ the mindless pencil pushing to see what turns up.

But I hope to be doing more of them. Writing… word counts… the act of doing it. I often feel more like exercising when I have exercise clothes on. I guess it’s that sort of a mental trick. If I stop writing, I’ll stop writing… and then I wont be likely to write. Sounds strange but I think there is a point in there somewhere.

But lets look forward to the week ahead and plan!

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