Monday Status Update – Week 40

Autumn Status UpdateWeek 40 is here. That leaves twelve weeks left to get things done for this year. Where does the time go? Unfortunately… I keep a fairly good personal journal and it is a firm testimony to the wasted days, lost opportunities and little acts of procrastination that have made 2015 a year well below expectations.

Last week my goal was to compile a collection of one hundred limerick from the tweets I’ve posted. Getting the body of the work done went fairly quickly. But somewhere between the cover art, author’s bio and reading through the smashword guidelines the project has become mired in details and will probably be launched this week.

Once I can get that off the ground, I will move quickly to publish the backlog of poems that I have laying around. Then, then, yes I know, are the long suffering fiction pieces. I have several pieces in various stages of completeness drifting out at sea. These ships need to reach port.

Am I dealing with writer’s block? I don’t think so. Ideas are flowing a bit too freely at times. Its more a question of quality control. I’m have the outline, the story, the synopsis of what I want to write. But I need to expand it… to tell a good story instead of narrating a good pitch.

So lets discuss another change. I’ve retired the Tuesday Topless Tanka series. This is being replace with the return of the daily limerick on my twitter feed: . The limericks will be compiled and posted here on Fridays. And I really need to bring back the weekly poem. I don’t know about the rest of the planet, but I’m missing that creative outlet.

So, as fall sets in here in the northeast, its time to get back to work. The laziness of summer needs to be put into its storage bag and this writer’s nose needs to be put back on the grindstone.

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