Monday Status Update – Week 35

Boudior 01Awakening as from a long slumber…

Its been quite a while since I’ve posted anything new. I suppose I’ve been on hiatus all summer. Nothing really has happened since last Saint Patrick’s Day. Ah, the limericks… I recall them fondly. You know, its only two hundred and five days until the next Saint Patrick’s Day. Perhaps I’ll pen a limerick or two…

There are a pile of half finished projects floating around my desk and still more ideas gathering dust in my head. But now, as I sip a nice hot cup of fresh-brewed inspiration I’m looking forward to completing a project or two.

I need to rebuild the poetry pages here on this blog. I have created a couple additions to the Julia, Amanda and Diana series. I just haven’t gotten around to actually posting them here. I will drive traffic back by first crafting the content, then promoting that content. There is no sense in driving traffic to a stale sight!

So, what do I seek to accomplish this week?

Well, I want to get back in the habit of writing. I haven’t really stopped the practice. Its just change over the summer. I’ve been focusing much more of my time into journaling, and working on creative narration. I need to get back into the structure that blogging provides. Commitments to publishing. That is my focus for now.

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