Something I find Sexy – Adriana Lima’s Bouncy Breasts

Adriana_Lima_breastsDecisions decisions. Look at those breasts hanging there… Completely unattended. Its a would be impolite not to indulge yourself in the delicacies offered. Deft fingers slowly unclasping her constraint. Assisting her by guiding the thin straps off her soft shoulders. Her unconfined endowments gently bouncing in gratitude for their freedom.


Slowly sweeping my warm hand across one of her warm orbs. I awaken it. its nipple hardening in response. Then i awaken the other. As my lips seek to arouse her further I plant then first one one breast, and then the other. My tongue twirls around one nipple swollen with erotic anticipation, and then the other. I work to balance my attention my arousal to both her breasts in a fair and balanced manner. First one wondrous breast, and then the other. An upward spiral of arousal that heats her passion and desire, in a balanced way paying attention to both.


Knowledge and experience, experience and knowledge. Two sides of the same coin. In order to advance along the spiraled path of mastery, you need to pay attention to both.


The dichotomy of book smart and street smart, of the applied and the theoretical, is the essence of mastery. Its why mastery is a journey and not an end point. The experience we glean from doing consistent impacts the knowledge we absorb through study. As any good student of algebra knows, if you do dozens and dozens of homework problems, the experience you build up makes your text book a whole lot easier to understand. If you were to rely on just reading the textbook, that pop quiz on Friday becomes very difficult indeed.



It’s possible to be very experienced at an activity, even a creative endeavor. Painting for instance, if thou paint the same things in the same manner with the same techniques you may become prolific and they may be very artistic, bit if you don’t know the theoretical, the ‘why’ of things, how do you expect to reach that next level. A talented newcomer is only a relented newcomer for so long before becoming yesterday’s has-been.


Mastery involves creativity. And experimentation. For instance, Finding new ways to combine words to describe things. For instance, erotic writing. I often mention breasts when I’m writing. It would be quite easy for me to consistently and correctly call them breasts till the reader is quite bored with them. But by employing the mastery of creativity I keep trying to experiment and use new creative ways to refer to them, breasts become the common tits, or orbs, globes, mammaries, jugs knockers, knockouts, knock-abouts, melons grapefruits, an apple a plum a pear or a cherry, or any number of delicacies that come to mind.

Look at them there, that perky pair of pomegranates proudly pointed upward. Those pomegranate s are nouns, not adjectives.


But mastery requires focus as well. The famous paradox of the specialist and generalist, it goes something like this: a specialist is someone who learns more and more about less and less until he knows everything about nothing ; whereas the generalist learns less and less about more and more until he eventually knows nothing about everything. If a point well worth focusing on. To avoid either of these outcomes, maintain your focus on your path to mastery.


But the spiral of mastery is paved with improvisation and improvement. Like golfers consistently swing it’s the experience of tweaking that stroke that create masters of the game.

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