Something I find Sexy – Taylor Swift Spanx

Taylor Swift Ass

Taylor Swift Assumes the Position

The photo speaks for itself. I think Taylor Swift needs a little more time ‘assuming the position”. We all know the little girl laying just below the surface. What a spankable little girl. She cultivates an image of a fresh-faced ingénue, doe eyed and pouty lipped. She puts effort into her ‘girl’ mask and then seems somewhat disappointed when we don’t take her seriously.

I picture her bent over, blindfolded with black silk clothe tied securely behind her soft shoulder length blond hair. Her supple limbs tied behind her with black silk ribbon at the wrists. The black color highlighting the creamy smooth flawless skin.

I see myself in this scene of the imagination, easing those tight red shorts down off her curved ass. Then, relieving her of those awfully tight Spanx she wears underneath, I run my hand over her ass. I enjoy feeling her warm flesh. I feel her tension easing as my hand works its way over her exposed skin in a reassuring, soft and gently way. Her mind, racing around from thought to though like a rabbit bolting to escape the wolf, has started to tire and she is now focusing her attention on the stimulus that I alone provide. She’s ready. Warm, compliant, receptive to the task at hand. For I’m my other hand I hold the crop.

“Spare the rod spoil the child”, a beloved quote embossed on the handle of this special crop. The cop I hold is a legacy that has been entrusted to me. Judiciously applied it helps to focus the mind and that’s really what’s needed in this case, a bit more focus.

“Thank you sir. May I have another.” That’s what I want to hear coming from the perfectly pouty lips.

“Whack!” the sharp retort of a riding crop coming into swift contact with warm willing flesh.

I was watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show which was a very nice showcase for Taylor’s toned tushie. She certainly is filling out nicely. Too bad the head isn’t quite working on all cylinders. That’s where focus comes in. She needs to have a bit of focus instilled in her.


A simply flight of fancy but getting back to I miss Swift   and this concept of a crafted ‘girl’ media image. We see this age of being twenty-something as an age of transition. I find many women in their twenties , especially the early twenties to be able to play the part of mature sexy woman one minute, then turn right around and transform to the silly teenage girl with alarming alacrity and agility.

I hear people parroting one of the messages that the media broadcasts to us masses, that fifty is the new forty, forty is the new thirty, blah blah blah. I used to think that it was because we are living longer, and to a point I’m sure that plays a part of it, but then at the other end of the election, twenty is becoming the new teenager. Delayed or postponed maturation.

Taylor is trapped in this in between zone, yes she’s a professional creative performer musician with a mature body of pop music, and yet she still is the goofy sweet girl finding her way in the world. Its a dichotomy that almost every twenty-something is going through.

I’m thinking about pop stars like Karmin, Demi Lovato, and Carly Rae Jepsen. These young girls as they try to move forward and mature through their twenties have such a bright media spotlight on them. The normal slips and trips in the maturation process are highlights, twittered, and TMZ’ed for everyone to see.

And this its the exclusive dilemma of females, for every Taylor Swift bending over for a little ‘focus’ there’s a Justin Bieber in need of his own maturation.

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