Monday Status Update

will_alan_site_10Well its Monday and I’m doing the Monday status update. Lately, that counts as an achievement. This is the fifth week of the new year, and the first week of February. The limerick project is continuing with #tweet week. Each day’s limerick will be based on a trending hash tag from that morning. I’ll recap the Monday through Friday releases on this site weekly. As always you can keep up with the daily releases on my twitter feed:

Last week saw two new Diana Series poems. I’ve been focused on this series because I’m thinking about releasing a volume of Diana pieces through Smashwords. I think it might be the perfect vehicle for experimenting in self e-book publishing. I will of course take notes and hopefully report on this in an essay or two.

This week I’ll post and other Diana and put together an essay on some technical aspect of the craft. I really do need to get back to the craft of writing. January was, as I’ve said before, a rather unproductive month. I will strive not to let February follow in its footsteps.


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