Monday – Status Update

will_alan_site_10Did anybody else notice that I’m starting week three already a day behind schedule? I think I’m seeing the beginnings of a pattern here. Well lets hope that I am back on track next week! There’s nothing like a Monday Status posted on Tuesday to let people know that you procrastinate..

This is the second week of the new year. I am kicking off #cowgirl week, an irreverent look at those sexy girls who pose in cutoff, tiny t-shirts and cowboy hats. I can’t personally vouch for their country of origin. I’ll recap the Monday through Friday releases on this site weekly. As always you can keep up with the daily releases on my twitter feed:

Last week I was able to put together one essay on Freedom of Speech in response to the Paris shootings. I also posted what may be the last in the Diana series of poems. I may compile all of the Diana series and publish them at Smashwords. I may even get to that this week. Its always good to have a goal.

Also, last week I was able to work on a series of tweet that piked the traffic back to this blog. Now that I’m able to bring more eyeball in, I really should step up the production so that there is more content here to peruse.

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