Something I find Sexy – Freedom of Speech

the-veil-is-sexy02-711305She approaches my bed. I lay waiting for her. She moves with seduction in her hips. They sway hypnotically with a well-practiced rhythm. No doubt she has had many, many liaisons before me. But she is here with me now.


Her cinnamon skin glows from the torches lighting the tent.   My eyes slowly drink her in, like an intoxicant. Her long lean legs meeting at her slender waist. Her toned abs, firm breasts and soft rounded shoulders are an invitation to a night of delights. The memory of her arms around me, her nails on raking along my back, washes over me. My erection grows in response.


And all the while through her seduction, I keep watching her eyes. Her dark, almond eyes have a look of lust behind the veil she wears. The red and gold trimmed niqab is the only garment she still cares to adorn herself with.


To say she is a wife of a profit, would surely put a price on my head.


Changing very few words in that last sentence, adding a bit more ‘clarification’ could be very, very serious for a writer indeed. To imagine an erotic liaison involving one of the several wives the prophet would be dangerous because there are people in this world who do not believe that other people should have the right of free speech or free expression.


The culture in which I was raised is a secular one, a western tradition of fairly broad free speech and free expression. I can understand that there are people with deeply held religious beliefs. Their beliefs are their own. I am sure that those beliefs are sincerely held. But those beliefs should not be forced upon me.


I believe in free speech and free expression. My beliefs are sincerely held and they are my own.


If people are offended by something stop reading it. If it offends their beliefs stop watching it. Respect is a two way street. If they refuse to respect the rights of others, why should they expect others to respect their rights?

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