Monday – Status Update – Wait Till Next Year

Autumn Status Update

Its week 50 of 52, we are in the final fortnight of this year! As far as the #limericks project goes, things are on course. I am kicking off #sexyelf week, an irreverent look at the upcoming Christmas season. I’ll recap the Monday through Friday releases on this site weekly. As always you can keep up with the daily releases on my twitter feed: I’ve set a goal of doubling my twitter followers through this project. I’m also looking now at setting ‘engagement’ goals through the analytics.

This week the top ten will be celebrating the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, a seasonal ‘must see TV’ of CBS Tuesday night. Our essay this week will feature will feature Miss Taylor Swift and a little used practice to correct her behavior. After that, on thursday, another poetic series may be created but that is still in the works.

These next two weeks will be a time of crafting to blog for the upcoming year. I’ll be going over the site’s analytics and see what you the audience wants more of. Stories, poems, essays, pictures, I’ll be reviewing the whole year. I think that it will provide grist for another essay.

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