Something I Find Sexy – Katy Perry Sucking a Lollipop

katy_perry_lollipop_oralMy god, this is a sexy picture. Personally I think Katy Perry as a very attractive young lady. This picture of her is extremely sexy on a couple of levels.


Visually, the starched, white shirt with tartan skirt gives her a schoolgirl look. The open shirt looks carefree and tantalizing. The sexy schoolgirl archetype resonates with me even though I didn’t have a catholic education in my formative years. That black leather belt is the perfect accessory. Simply remove it from her svelte waist and use it to bind her wrists together behind her back. That would cause her chest to thrust out. That, of course, will make her breast seem fuller. Ripe firm melons ready to be sampled.


The way that tight white shirt hugs her feminine curves, her breast are perfectly highlighted in a way that’s sexy. The display is sensuous, not lewd. It’s all in the packaging. Those breasts look like a present ready to unwrap. Picture if you will, someone gift wrapping a basketball. You know when you receive it that it’s certainly a ball and yet, you still look forward to the surprise after unwrapping it. That’s what the right packaging will do. It highlights the experience instead of the breasts themselves, it the tease of the strip instead of jumping out naked.


And then there are those buttons. Again, it’s the art of the tease inherent in the stripping. The slow, steady, delay of ultimate gratification. I really think that we are losing the wonderful pleasure of heightened sensation of delay. Instant gratification sounds good on paper, but there is a greater reward of pleasure for those with patience. In this picture, there are just enough of those lovely little buttons undone to invite me to finish that task. Finishing it in a slow and sensuous way. Holding her close and let my nimble fingers do what they do best, work to raise her arousal. Slowly teasing her pleasure up a notch. Feeling her breath on my neck quickening as she anticipates what awaits.


Her face radiates youth with very little cosmetics. Those large blue eyes twinkling with a touch of mischief. Her pale lips pared to accept the candy. The way her teeth gently hold it while her tongue tentative samples it. Of course the round shaft attached to the candy give those lovely manicured fingers something to play with.


On a more emotive level, she has an air of wholesome sexuality I know that sounds a little contradictory, but I see so much raw, no, overt sexuality in pop star wannabes that it’s so over the top, like those heavy metal hair-bands from the eighties. I’m inclined to call it manufactured sexuality. Think Brittany Spears ten years ago, Madonna twenty years ago, or Miley Cyrus or Kesia today. They are trying to show you that they’re sexy, sexy, sexy, but at some level, I’m just not buying it. It doesn’t have a ring of authenticity about it.


But with Katy, her curvy sexy self is a natural part of her and she has a confidence in herself to be playful with that sexy part of her. Think about the humor in the James bond movies, it just came naturally with Sean Connery, but seemed so much more scripted and stilted with Timothy Dalton. There’s this line in a song from some boy band out now “you don’t know you’re beautiful and that’s what makes you beautiful.” Well, in Katy’s case, I’m pretty sure she knows she’s beautiful.


It’s her confidence about her sexuality that which enables her spoof that sexy playful self. And she does this with excellent burlesque style in many of her appearances. A great example of this is her “California Girls” video. If her sexuality were more about marketing and promotion than a natural part of her, the playfulness of her burlesque side wouldn’t have a natural feel that it has.


Look at the way sex is packaged how some of these pop stars are tarted up in the name of image branding. These flavors of the month are sweet but mostly inconsequent. They have nothing new to say. The singer songwriter like Alanis Morsette or Sara Bareilles have real power of concept in their music. And they are sexier for it. As for the Mariah Careys and Kesias their music just has volume. Although, truth be told, Mariah does have a splendid pair of volume controls up front. That’s an essay for another day, the joy of curves!

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