Teusday Top Ten


It seems that a blog just isn’t complete without a posting of some silly list or other. Here in New York we are blessed with so many attractive TV News personalities. So, without further ado.. My Top Ten TV News Women ____________________________________________

01 - Darlene Rodriguez01) Darlene Rodriguez

02 - Contessa Brewer02) Contessa Brewer

03 - Jodi Applegate 03) Jodi Applegate

04 - Amy Freeze 04) Amy Freeze

05 - Tamsen Fadal 05) Tamsen Fadal

06 - Erika Tarantal 06) Erika Tarantal

07 - Lauren Scala 07) Lauren Scala

08 - Natalie Morales 08) Natalie Morales

09 - Julie Banderas 09) Julie Banderas

10 - Bianna Golodryga 10) Bianna Golodryga

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