Monday – Status Update

Autumn Status Update

Its week 41 of 52, and its #cheerleaderweek on the limericks project. This week’s limericks will all be focused on football and the lovely ladies who encourage good football. I’ll recap the Monday through Friday releases on this site weekly. As always you can keep up with the daily releases on my twitter feed:

Last week was a productive one here at the Will Alan blog; I posted one new poem in the Lady Hikari series, I put together another ‘‘Tuesday Top Ten’ item my list of the Top Ten Esquire covers. I posted the Friday limerick roundup, and put out another episode of the weekly serial. I really do need to take a good hard look at that piece and see what I can do to lengthen it, and make it more relevant to erotic fiction and just make it a better story. I’m thinking that if I make the segments larger and more ‘encapsulated’, I will be able to maintain a focus on quality.

So as October settles in I will be busy with daily output. I have been reading Stephen King’s ‘On Writing” and really getting a couple of tangible ideas to put into practice. One of these ideas has me focusing on how many words I’m banging out on a daily basis. You know that there is an essay in there somewhere. I suppose that I could always tease it out. Perhaps even post it here.

In the meantime (blah blah blah blah-blah):

  • Literary Pursuits – a second Witch novella being serialized here and now
  • Erotic Proclivities  – read it here at Erotic Stories
  • Two Fingers – read it here:
  • Caitlin (Five chapter novella) – approved, read it here at

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