Weekly Serial – Literary Pleasures 08

A tale of a librarian / witch with a cadre of acolytes who must fight a penny pinching town counsel to maintain their club’s funding…. this weeks episode: ‘Ronnie Gets Down to Business’

Literary Pleasures

Literary Pleasures

“So, why don’t you come in for that soda?” She asked her new found friend. It was a textbook case of being swept off her feet by a young man skilled at manipulation. Inviting this handsome young man in after her run in the park had been her idea, hadn’t it? It was only polite to offer him a nice cool drink.


“Yes, thank you Jessica” Pete was always polite. Walking into her living room he noticed the photos of Jessica and her husband. ” Gosh he’s got to be about fifty” he said as Jessica entered with the sodas.


“He’s fifty two actually” she said, sitting down next to Pete on the sofa. “It sure feels a good to get off those feet”


“Here, let me see those, I’m fairly good with feet”


“Sure” she said complying with his request. Her new friend sure has good ideas, and nice hands she thought as Pete removed her sneakers and socks.


She slowly plied her feet he kept mentioning how important it was to have such nice places like parks to run. Jessica was quick to agree, she loved the park, she agreed that it was good to feel free running in the park.


His hands felt so good her feet were feeling good too and she was becoming aware of a tingling racing through her. Pete was talking now about libraries and how it’s nice to have quiet places to study. Jessica was busy studying. Watching Hus lips. This young fresh lips.


She watched as Pete chatted and his hands started moving up her legs. He was massaging her calves and her tingling was growing. It felt good she thought finding new friends and feeling free and easy. Like dining circles in the park around and around. She wasn’t aware that she was falling further into Pete’s compliance.


She did enjoy those hands, her new friend had suck stimulating hands. And it’s fun to play with friends she kept thinking to herself. Those lips that filled her vision drew closer. She watch those lips moving closer and closer until she tasted the sweet and gentle kiss. Her tingling grew stronger and she felt herself melting.


As she raised her hips to let Pete take her shorts off Jessica just kept thinking how much fun it is to meet new friends… And play with them…

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