Monday – Status Update

Summer Monday Status

Its week 36 of 52. That leaves only 16 weeks until the end of the year. “Like sands through the hourglass.” Who remembers that line?

Well this week saw the blog grow. I add two more poems, one of the Julia series and the other a Christine. I also added one more installment to the weekly serial. Also, I have been faithful to the twitter feed project of posting one limerick per day in our countdown to #stpats2015. That’s the hash tag to follow: #stpats2015. I’m also posting this to my new Pinterest board ( ) and I’ll occasionally show one here to remind everyone.

In the meantime (blah blah blah blah-blah):

  • Literary Pursuits – a second Witch novella being serialized here and now
  • Erotic Proclivities  – read it here at Erotic Stories
  • Two Fingers – read it here:
  • Caitlin (Five chapter novella) – approved, read it here at
  • Dumb Drops (formerly Candy) chapter 1 and 2 – approved read it at Stories XNXX
  • Dumb Drops (formerly Candy) chapter 3 – Rejected! Its in rewrite now

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