Poem Alert – Tritina – Christine Series

A tritina is a ten line poem that uses three end words. The end words are rotated in three tercets (3 line stanzas) before all appearing in the final line. There is no rhyme schemes or subjects inherent to tritinas. They incorporate a quick repetition of words and the trick is to make it all sound natural.


Christine Series

Christine Series


There’s a quote from Hamlet “take up arms”

We should fight the troubles we face then rest

Within this play are several levels of content


For Christine the night will bring little rest

Leather masked and spread for display she’s content

She’ll remain in this pose while I bind her arms


Playing with my bound Christine I’m content

Purging her with the crop in my strong arm

Then after we have fought our demons we will rest


Yes, In my endearing arms she’ll rest contently

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