Weekly Serial – Literary Pleasures 05

A tale of a librarian / witch with a cadre of acolytes who must fight a penny pinching town counsel to maintain their club’s funding…. this weeks episode: ‘A Little Background on Ronnie’

Literary Pleasures

Mistress Alex was spending her Saturday afternoon up in the loft with Ronnie. Ronnie was a gifted acolyte in making potions, elixirs, and incense. Ronnie was especially fond of creating various incenses.


Ronnie’s parents had a bit of a rocky marriage when she was younger. However, when she became a freshman, and had started going to the library, she learned new skills that saved her parents’ marriage. Her family life became much better. Its seems that the marriage suffered from her parent’s inability to show each other love. From the skills that Ronnie learned from Alexa, she was able to heal her folks and bring her mother and father to a space where they loved each other much more frequently.


Ronnie brought the love back into her parents’ marriage by bringing sex back into their marriage. Through her studies with Alexa, she learned about plants and extracts and the various uses to which they could be employed. Some plants were soothing in nature, some plants were stimulating.


She learned to distill the essence and create incense. As the incense burned, do did her parent’s passion for each other. The first time she had made incense, she left a small amount of it burning in the living room. She could hear her mom and dad going at it on their way in from the foyer. She retreated to her bedroom and continued listing to their yelling downstairs.


But on this occasion, the yelling didn’t last nearly as long. Soon it died away completely. Ronnie was happy to make the yelling go away. Then, the growing sounds of sex started working their way upstairs. Ronnie’s ear could make out the panting and moaning coming from the sweet smelling living room.


As she crept out onto the landing overlooking the living room see could see her mom spread, kneeling naked on the couch with her father behind thrusting deeply. She watched in youthful fascination. She had never seen people having sex. The sounds where pleasing to her. They weren’t yelling. They sounded happy, and a sweet aroma was wafting through the air. It smelled pleasant, like flowers and cinnamon and… something musky.


The scent seemed to wrap itself around Ronnie as she watched, fixated on the pleasure below. She was not aware of her hand moving itself slowly along her own pleasure center…

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