Poem Alert – Haiku / Tanka – A Meeting of the Lips

Tanka is a form of unrhymed Japanese poetry, with five sections structured in a 5-7-5-7-7 pattern of syllable similar to the haiku, which follows the more familiar 5 / 7 / 5 pattern. What follows is a brief interaction between lovers in three stanzas each in the Tanka form.



Kissing her soft thighs

I wonder what she’s thinking

The hairs of my beard

React with her skin causing

Goosebumps on her warming flesh


The sweet smell of her

Reveals her growing interest

As I seek the source

With my wandering lips i

Kiss my way up to Venus


Rising to meet me

My lips reach their wet target

Her legs close round me

My beard between those soft thighs

My tongue between those soft lips

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