Weekly Serial – Literary Pleasures 02

A tale of a librarian / witch with a cadre of acolytes who must fight a penny pinching town counsel to maintain their club’s funding…. this weeks episode: ‘Call the Gang Together’


Literary Pleasures

Literary Pleasures

Betsy was busy lighting candles in Alexa’s spacious attic. The large, round stained glass windows on the west side let in streams of colored light. She enjoyed the quietness of the room before the others would arrive. It was the one place where she felt completely centered. She was where she belonged. Here, with her friends, she really felt connected.

She went to an ornate armoire and retrieved a black silk hooded robe she wore when the ‘study group’ met. Pulling off her jeans she stretched and slipped the robe over her. She loved the feel of the smooth silk on her bare breasts. Her pert nipples pointed the fabric as she tied a white cord around her firm waist. Three small brass skeleton keys jingled from the belt.

“The others have been called, they should be here shortly,” alexa said coming up the stairs. She had changed into her hooded black silk robe belted with a braid of gold around the waist. She grabbed a bottle of red wine from a rack of bottles on the wall and started emptying it into a caldron over a small flame.

“I heard the news about the cuts yesterday and wanted to sleep on it before bring the issue up before the group,” she said to Betsy who was sitting in one of the large leather chairs reading one of the old bound books of enchantments.

Alexa went to a collection of jars and stared gathering an assortment of special leaves to add to the wine mulling in the cauldron.

“Do you think there’s any chance they’ll table the proposal?” Betsy asked.

“I have a feeling that Ms Potter has some serious issues.” Alexa replied.

Alexa continued warming the wine, mulling it with apples and herbs. Betsy kept herself occupied with the old book until they heard footsteps coming up the stairs.

Michael, Veronica, and Peter arrived together. Along with Betsy they formed Alexa’s ‘study group’. What they were studying where practices in the field of applied metaphysics. Or at least that’s what they told their other classmates. If any bothered to ask them.

After the acolytes finished changing, Alexa address the group.

“Changing the votes of the council using overt magic directly against the members of the board was of course possible. But the brute force solution brings its own problems of backlash and then the witch hunts begin.” Alexa had seen that happen before. “Working together, brining indirect influence, we will change the votes.” And corrupt the council more completely.

“The council needs to see how the consequences of their actions would hurt others. They needed to see the people who would most be effected by these short sighted cut.” Alexa said filling five chalices with warmed wine. “Yes, the members of the council should meet the people who will most directly be impacted by their cut. You will meet with them and through you, they will see the importance of the library”.

As the group eventually broke up and they were getting set to leave, Alexa reminded Michael that he needed to stay behind.

“I think you have another session with me, Michael,” she said. “The rest of you are dismissed, and good night”.

As the others left, Michael removed and put away his robe in the armoire. He had grown tall and lean over these last four years Alexa reflected. He walked over to stand in the center of a white circle painted on the floor. Alexa approached with a jar of cream. Taking a dollop of the healing ointment and applying it to his stiffening erection, she applied it liberally. She watched, pleased as it slowly started working its magic along his shaft. Lowering herself to her knees it was time to help Michael ‘work through some things’.

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