Weekly Serial – Literary Pleasures 01

There is an idea that’s starting to germinate in my mind. A story is starting to come together. A tale of a librarian / witch with a cadre of acolytes who must fight a penny pinching town counsel to maintain their club’s funding….


Literary Pleasures

Literary Pleasures

Winds of change were blowing storm clouds toward the sleepy little community of Rockport MA.

‘Young people are in need of knowledge these days,’ Alexa thought. ‘They can’t be serious about cutting our funding!’

The newly elected town counsel was packed with people determined to undermine the local schools to get large.property tax breaks and most of them were absentee landlords short sighted and didn’t give a damn about the community so long as those monthly checks kept coming in. Lead by that cheapskate Dorothy Potter, the board was pushing a austerity budget

Alexandria Collins knew she would be able to count on her cabal of acolytes she had been grooming these past four years. They had used their time last year in a ‘get out the vote’ campaign to help get Paul Stone elected to the council. So, Alexa had at least one vote in favor of a larger library budget. With a five member council, she should secure another three votes. But this would be a perfect time to see how much influence her magic could yield.

As she drew deeply on the hooka pipe letting its influence wash over her, she ran her hand along Betsy’s supine body. Having just spent themselves on the cushioned floor in Veronica’s sunroom, the librarian conspired with her young ingénue that the key to swinging the council vote may turn on only a few members.

With her position as the head librarian for the town of Rockport, Alexa had been very cognisant of using the library’s facilities to help studious teens expand their knowledge. Knowledge in a few precise arcane arts. The sect needed followers and young followers are the most devoted and zealous. It would be zeal that would win the coming battle with the town council.

“Betsy, get up and let’s have a good look at you.”

Betsy Braddock, 18 and well indoctrinated from the freshman year of school, now a senior and considered one if the schools top college bound.scholars, got up and slowly turned so that Alexa could take in all the charms the teen had to offer. Long lean legs a tight runners ass firm abs beautiful b cup breasts soft shoulders and a great head on them. Shoulder length brown hair brown eyes full lips that smiled expectantly, Betsy loved being ‘ displayed’.

“I think we should get the gang together,” Alexa said.

“I’ll get the club house ready,” Betsy replied, pouring herself into her skin tight jeans.

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