525,600 Minutes – Finding Time to Write

minutesLately there’s this song that’s been going through my mind. It’s “Seasons of Love” from the show “Rent”. I’ve never seen the show or the movie, perhaps I should, but the line “five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes, to measure a year”, recurs in the chorus of the song. Measuring the year in minutes, and how we choose to use those minutes is the focal point of the song, and I suppose a sub plot of the movie/show. But lately I have been thinking about how it is that I use my time.

It’s been said that time is the great equalizer of men, rich or poor, young or old, no matter your position in this life. We are all granted twenty four hours, or in this example, twenty four times sixty minutes a day. How do we employ those minutes? How do we deploy those minutes? How best to use today’s minutes to make tomorrows minutes worth that much more? Because, tomorrow brings with it a hole fresh set of these precious minutes provided we are lucky enough to be blessed with a tomorrow.

Are we finding time to write, then finding time to rewrite? We often talk in terms of ‘finding time’ as if our minutes are hiding somewhere and we have to go chasing after them. Instead, we need to keep the mindset of ‘making time’ for writing. How can we make time? We take those minutes we spend on other things (In my case it’s the minutes being used to passively watch the tele) and MAKE them writing minutes. Minutes invested in developing our skill, honing our craft.

We need to make time for writing because there are no ‘new’ minutes to find. Each one of us, young or old, rich or poor, has only 525,600 minutes to measure a year.

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