Writing.com 200 Word Flash-Fiction 04

time02And so the 200 word flash fiction story continues… this week’s installment – History of the Dragon Disc Part 02. Here we learn the first part of the disc’s history… kind of self explanatory title.


Back in the days of the great Kublai, the dragon was strong as were its guards. Then inevitably complacency descended. The once fierce soldiers had been supplanted by civil servants with swords. The five who manned this night’s shift would be no match.

The winds of change had blown in and on them was carried a mysterious cloaked figure with a katana sword, moving stealthily in the shadows.

Steel and blood erupted silently from a guard’s chest, his eyes widened with uncomprehending surprise, and then closed. His compatriot moved to draw his own weapon but scarcely had he reacted when the katana pierced his neck. The only alarm this guard would deliver was a blood drowned gurgle.

But warnings would be futile as the three guards on the other side of the treasury doors would fare no better than these two. The once heavy oaken doors burst open and a whirlwind of finely honed blade flashed. The guards moved to confront the specter, drawing their swords and facing the challenge. Although they fought well to the last, the outcome was pre-ordained.

It was time for the dragon to travel once again, from these weakened Mongols to the strengthening Han peoples.

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