The Pain You Love – a tritina poetic experiment

article-2020579-0D3B009A00000578-97_634x849A tritina is a ten line sestina that uses three end words. The end words are rotated in three tercets (3 line stanzas) before all appearing in the final line. There is no rhyme schemes or subjects inherent to tritinas. They incorporate a quick repetition of words and the trick is to make it all sound natural.




The Pain You Love

I wait here bound and oblivious to my pain

Alone with my wounds thinking only for my Love

Within this isolated cell my only thoughts are of You


I realize that the only cure for my despair is love

As I wait bound and gagged thoughts I’m sure occur to you

These are inspirations for you to extract more of my pain


My mind is focused on what’s important to you

I present myself as a vessel waiting to receive their pain

Because it’s my way to show you my most intimate love


Then you will realize that the pain you love most is to feel your love’s pain

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