Writing.com 200 Word Flash-Fiction 03

time02And so the 200 word flash fiction story continues… this week’s installment – History of the Dragon Disc Part 01. Here we learn the first part of the disc’s history… kind of self explanatory title.


Is the dragon cursed? Who can say? It was crafted during the Sung dynasty for emperor Zhao Yun. It was he who set the dragon disc to guard the entrance to his treasury. There it remained, immovable, a silent sentry guarding the wealth of the emperor, a symbol of his potent power. It fed on power.

It was said that the power of the emperor fed the dragon, and as it was fed, the dragon was strong. But, near the end of the song period, the emperors were weak, the dragon weakened. As it lay weakened it became the prey of thieves. Once it was taken, the troubles began, and finally, the last of the song emperors Zhao Bing fell before the Mongols. And yet through various intrigues and shady characters, the dragon resurfaced to guard the treasures of the new Mongol lords.

The year was 1260 when man wearing a cloak that had been worn long, and a katana sword arrived in Kaiping. He came for the kurultai that the new Khan had convened. The leather parcel he carried for these many years was ready to be presented to its new potent guardian. The dragon would be fed again.

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