Writing.com 200 Word Flash-Fiction 01

time02I’m starting a little something new.. using the 200 word flash-fiction contest at writing.com to develop a story piecemeal weekly. I’m heading into it blind purposefully… to see if i can craft a short story that flows and makes sense 200 words weekly. I started it last week with the introduction of ‘the mysterious stranger’ cue spooky music…


He emerged from the fog which had enveloped the docks these past few days. A lean man wearing a white French cuffed shirt open at the collar, a black vest open at the bottom, and jeans that had been worn long and seen much.

Two days of blond stubble peppered his firm set jaw. A light of vengeance glowing in his gray eyes. His nostrils flared as he sensed his prey.

His bare feet moved silently along the wooden dock. Without a sound, the katana sword was summoned from its hilt. It too had been worn long and seen much.

The gentle lapping of the water wasn’t needed to mask his stealthy approach.

Mikey stared at his line cast out in the water. Feeding the fish he called it. He waited and watched quite literally for his ship to come in. With his partner’s sudden ‘accident’ at sea, the whole shipment would be his. His mind too lost in lust of lucre to register the slight glint of light from the polished blade.

One swift catlike move freed Michael’s head from his double crossing neck. With a dull, flat splash Mikey would remain as he had been, feeding the fish.

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